The Morning Rant

This is the DC dance…nothing more, so don’t be fooled. This bald-headed, anti-American apparatchik will vote in lockstep with the hard left, but make pretty noises for the rubes back home so they think he gives a shit about the hordes of diseased, unwashed, uneducated, law-breaking peasants pouring across the Arizona border. All he wants to do is be noticed for being a brave maverick! Gee…where have we seen that before?

And what’s in it for him?

Power. Votes. Money.

Arizona Democrat Criticizes Biden for Ignoring ‘Immediate Crisis at the Border’ in Speech

Freshman Senate Democrat Mark Kelly criticized President Biden for failing to articulate how the White House will “address the immediate crisis at the border” during his address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night. “While I share President Biden’s urgency in fixing our broken immigration system, what I didn’t hear tonight was a plan to address the immediate crisis at the border,” Kelly said in a press release following Biden’s 67-minute address.

He’s an anti-2nd Amendment zealot who will gleefully vote to eviscerate the Constitution, or what’s left of it. He will support Democrat initiatives to cede economic power to China and destroy our energy independence and manufacturing dominance.

But how does he differ from the Republican’s answer to the senile old fool’s speech last night…Senator Scott? In his defense, he voted against a fair number of Biden’s nominees, so good for him? But his impassioned rebuttal doesn’t jibe with the behavior of his party, which is mostly doing exactly what gun-grabber Kelly is doing…making the appropriate noises to placate the base, then voting against that base’s interest.

Any Republican support, however tepid, of any of Biden’s policies is a direct attack on the foundations of American Exceptionalism, a direct attack on the economic successes of the Trump administration, and a direct attack on our freedom.

That includes any easing of immigration law enforcement, and any attempt to “reform” those laws, which is a mealy-mouthed way of saying that we need cheap labor to make our corporate overlords happy.

As many of us have said; watch what they do, not what they say. McConnell serves his masters well, and they aren’t the American people. Until senators like Tim Scott publicly disavow corporatism in the Senate; until they push McConnell out and choose a senator as their leader who is not so much in the thrall of the China lobby and the Chamber of Commerce, everything they say is just words, and an insult to America.

(Don’t hold your breath)

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