The Morning Rant

I think this is exactly what the academy deserves. We should support this movement and help to expand it to every campus in America. I want to see American universities become exactly like the inner-city hellholes that are a direct result of The Great Society and the left’s rampant racist nanyy-statism.

Alinsky was a great man, and we need to embrace his teaching:
RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

‘Cops Off Campus Coalition’ kicks off ‘Abolition May’ as professors across the country vow to cancel classes in support of movement

From the petition…and oh boy it is a perfect distillation of leftist newspeak!

A portion of the petition pledges: As a member of a campus community, I am horrified that — amidst a global pandemic, relentless state and vigilante violence against black, brown, and Indigenous people, and national calls for abolition — schools across North America have committed to increasing police budgets. College police forces are increasingly militarized, and I support the nationwide call to demand cops off our campus to make our university truly safe and free for all, and I will not cross the picket line. The petition demands: 1. We want ALL cops off of ALL campuses. 2. We demand the Land back 3. We demand investments in community safety and education

This is great! So the 50ish professor with the longish gray hair and affecting middle-class counter-culture accoutrements will no longer be safe in the ivory tower, where he was once insulated from the policies he supported. I WANT to see him mugged on the way to class, and have nobody to whine to except the campus de-escalation committee that meets every other Tuesday. Oh, maybe a rapid-response social worker can show up 15 minutes after he got knocked down and kicked in the head to help him find his teeth and get him a ride to the emergency room.

And notice they don’t stop with the absolutely unmanageable demand to get rid of policing. They move on to the expected anti-imperialist cant about taking back the land! Of course they can’t stop until they demand the typical blather about spending money in “the community,” whatever that is.

By all means…let’s get rid of the University of Chicago police and the USC DPS and Berkeley’s UC Police and every other inner-city campus police department. When the soccer moms of America see their sons and daughters raped and robbed and murdered maybe they will see the light.

Probably not, but it will be worth it to be able to say, “I told you so!”

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  1. I taught both of our girls the basics of self defense as they grew up (along with a slew of other useful things) and they added to the basic knowledge during their college.

    None of what they learned was ever put into practice, thankfully–but the knowledge was there.

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