The Morning Rant

Say my name!

My name is Confiscation, and any rational analysis of current and proposed legislation that increases the reporting and registration requirements for firearms has one goal, and that is to create a database for the jack-booted thugs of government to take our guns. The undeniable fact is that gun owners who obey the law are a vanishingly small percentage of the people who subsequently misuse guns. So why are they being tracked and numbered and photographed and fingerprinted and undoubtedly entered into a vast dystopian database?

The answer can be found in other countries and in other times, some of which ended rather badly for a lot of people. And the tired arguments from the Democrats — or should I just call them what they are: socialists — that confiscation isn’t the goal, is arrant nonsense based on the reality of current attempts to modify the law. Red Flag laws, ammunition purchase records, lists of “restricted” firearms, magazine restrictions and so much more, all point to the first step, which is regulatory confiscation. If the regulations are so byzantine and difficult, some people will be deterred from purchasing, some people will fall outside the law through no fault of their own, and the number of legal purchases will shrink.

The next step…outright confiscation…will be much easier to begin when the vast majority of weapons are registered (or on some list easily accessible to the government), or if not on a list, possessed by someone who also owns a registered (or listed) weapon.

The only question is: Will Americans tolerate gun confiscation?

Some will; of that I have no doubt. The casual gun owner, the new purchasers who bought because they are scared of civil unrest? Sure. But what of the life-long gun owners and the many Americans who see guns as an extension of their natural rights? They will be less apt meekly to answer the 3:00am knock on the door and hand over their guns to the local cops. It is among those people that confiscation is problematic, and when it gets sporty, as it absolutely will, we will see the true character of America, and whether the spirit of our founding still lives

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