The Morning Rant

In today’s The Morning Report, J.J. Sefton discussed the current situation in Israel, and the American administration’s rabid anti-Israel and anti-Semitic foreign policy officials compared to President Trump’s regional successes.

As I have stated for the past several days, Israel is facing an existential crisis as serious as any in its history. And considering we have a government – and an illegitimate one at that – that is openly anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic makes the potential for catastrophe that much greater. Make no mistake, that catastrophe will reach out and touch us right here. Pausing for a moment, the thought of the Middle Eastern situation today was almost unthinkable a year ago thanks to President-in-exile Trump. Iran was on the ropes, the so-called “Palestinians” had been removed from the chess board and the greatest regional geopolitical realignment in history that had never before been conceivable (or even wanted by the “peace process” pimps) was within our grasp. How quickly that can all vanish, mostly thanks to a rigged election.

Except…Israel has spent the last years degrading Iran’s ability to produce nuclear material, has systematically assassinated their key scientists and engineers, has destroyed countless shipments of Iranian war materiel as it was moved around Syria, not to mention killing a fair number of their operatives in Syria and elsewhere.

They are now in the process of destroying Hamas’ ability to project force into Israel by destroying the command and control infrastructure in Gaza, destroying the tunnels, killing hundreds of its commanders and low level terrorists, and in all probability destroying many of their unused rockets.

The state of Israel has been in an existential crisis since its official reconstitution in 1948, and has had to deal with antagonistic American administrations, including the Obama and Carter administrations. Even nominally neutral or supportive presidents tended to try to control Israel’s reactions to terrorism or conventional attacks by its many enemies. For instance, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Nixon (advised by Kissinger) delayed resupply of desperately needed materiel…”Let them bleed” was Kissinger’s comment.

So the previous four years of a clearly friendly Trump administration that recognized the obvious difference between Israel, a pluralistic democracy, and its enemies, a group of savage zealots who treated their own people only marginally better than they treated Israel, was an outlier. A wonderful one that did much to create the conditions for a cold peace, but an outlier nonetheless.

Israel will survive this crisis, and in fact, because of the Biden administration’s chaotic and weak-sounding responses may be able to continue its operations against the Hamas terror network for longer than one would expect. Add to that a political situation in Israel that will reward an aggressive response to terror, and we have the conditions for a modest success.

And let us not forget the Palestinian propensity for catastrophically bad choices! Just weeks after the idea of a coalition government in Israel that — shockingly — included a few of the Arab parties, the profoundly clueless and stupid and tone-deaf Arab population in Israel decided to destroy 75 years of progress and riot in support of…what? Hamas launching rockets at them?

Most of us want Israel to be ruthless and brutal with the terrorist groups that run the Palestinian enclaves, intuiting correctly that only total subjugation will stamp out the support for terror that is rampant in Gaza and the West Bank. But that is not to be. The best we can hope for is exactly what is happening now: destruction of the terrorist apparatus with surgical precision.

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