The Morning Rant

I saw this headline and foolishly assumed that the writer was going to mock the entire concept and trot out something called “basic math” to refute the hilariously stupid idea that what this country really needs is more of a tax burden on the productive class, and more transfer payments to pretty much everyone.

Yeah…I’m an idiot. Silly me!

Instead of a critical, or at least evenhanded analysis of the program, I was treated to a naive regurgitation of progressive talking points that were, are, and always will be long on emotion and very short on math.

Stimulus Checks Forever? This Idea Is Starting to Get Some Serious Attention

In a recent op-ed for NBC News, research associates Galen Hendricks and Areeba Haider, both of the Center for American Progress, noted that “with one in seven children living in poverty, this (plan) should cut the nation’s child poverty rate nearly in half and meaningfully addresses racial economic disparities.”

This is nonsense on a grand scale, with the added bonus of a racial straw-man. What is a “racial economic disparity?” I think it must be something to do with Critical Race Theory (CRT), the marvelously bigoted and irrational concept that America is a structurally racist country, and the reason minorities are poor is because of YOU, and the only way to fix that, absent wholesale slaughter of the productive classes (don’t worry, that will be next) is to take more of their money and give it to anyone with children, first filtered through the massively corrupt and inefficient federal government.

Of course this has nothing to do with children or racial disparities or anything even remotely benign. It is one more method to create a culture that is completely dependent on the federal government’s perceived largess, and one that will vote accordingly.

It worked with black America in the 1960s with Lyndon Johnson’s catastrophic “Great Society,” so why not give it a shot with the rest of America!

Except…as Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Economies succeed when they grow. Increasing the government budget does nothing to grow the economy in the long term (Keynes was full of shit), and decreasing capital in the private sector is arguably a very good way to slow growth.

Oh…but it will all be paid for by increasing corporate taxes! because there are trillions of dollars just sitting around doing nothing, and corporations will gladly hand that cash over! Really. At least that’s the theory.

If you ask me, that sounds pretty stupid. I figured that if costs increase, then prices will be increased to compensate. But I am not a sooper genius from the Center For American Progress. Which as most of you will guess is a progressive think tank that sounds remarkably like every other socialist front group in America and the world.

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