The Morning Report 6/3/21

Good morning kids. Thursday and the big story is at long last, the dam seems to be bursting all around Dr. Sigmoid Fraud, aka Anthony Fauci, as his communications and e-mails during the early onset of the pandemic indicate either a gross incompetence or worse, an eagerness to turn what normally would be a somewhat concerning potential health situation into a Reichstag Fire pretext to sabotage President Trump, and let megalomaniacs in DC and statehouses shred whatever bits of the Constitution were still extant in the beginning of that accursed year of 2020.

On a purely practical/tactical level, you can bet your ass that while Anthony Fauci may in some form or another exit the scene, it’s not going to be in handcuffs heading for an arraignment. You must understand that he has spent the better part of his life preserving, protecting and defending — The Bureaucracy. What Fauci has done, or to be more accurate, what the Democrat Propaganda Complex can no longer effectively conceal, has now been exposed for everyone to see. And if the implications, which you don’t have to be Fellini to figure out, sink in to a significant number, that could prove quite damaging to the overlords.

Remember, mission number one for any bureaucracy is not to solve the problem they are putatively tasked to solve. Mission number one is to grow the bureaucracy. In that capacity, Anthony Fauci has been the moral equivalent of pancreatic cancer on the body politic; from AIDS to this and everything in between, he has helped metastasize the cancer of big government like nobody’s business. No wonder he is the highest paid government employee of all time. But will that cancer ultimately kill its host?

From the masks, to the lockdowns to the Frankenstein chemistry set jungle juice concoctions we are all going to be forced to take, Fauci’s contradictions and outright lies about this whole thing have the potential to consume not just him, but everyone around him who used his words to upend the lives of 320 million people. And since Fauci represents not only himself but the very foundations of the Progressive vision of government – a society based not on individual self determination but masses ruled by elites, technocrats and the self-styled “best and brightest” – he must be defended at all costs. Hence, the utterly repulsive “interview” by Nicole Wallace and worse, the fact that the entire White House press corps did not ask Jen Piss-Hocky Psaki a single, fucking question about the revelations in Fauci’s e-mails. 


Meanwhile anyone and everyone who questioned not only the origins of this Chinese Communist-concoted Peking Pox but the actual seriousness of its spread as well as the two-week lockdown, now going on 65 weeks, that the Democrat Propaganda Complex blasted as “anti-science” or worse are suddenly looking like geniuses. Seriously, I ain’t no Dr. Bloody Bronofski but even I said back in March that this whole thing was ridiculous. Now the media is trying to erase the record and paper over the past. We’ll see how that works out for them. Actually, they’re in a bit of a pickle; the lockdowns, the masks and the “vaccine passports” are a totalitarian wet dream. But now that the cat’s out of the bag that all of it was totally unnecessary, how to defend Fauci and themselves while still relenting and finally ending this national nightmare.

But, some are stuck on stupid. Wretched Whitmer, who was caught flying to Florida to visit her folks after admonishing the Michigan peons that they must remained masked and chained to a radiator and is facing a potential recall is now considering EXTENDING the state of emergency until July. And that means forever, or until the morale improves.

These revelations are potentially a giant torpedo not only for Fauci and his disciples but for the false g-d of Big Totalitarian Socialism. We shall see how well they can spin this crap, considering people have had it up to here with this crap. The cynic/pessimist in me says some other squirrel like “another innocent black youth murdered by white supremacist cops” (sarcastic) will make this go away, although we’ll still be in lockdown mode to one degree or another. The optimist in me says they took a solid hit below the waterline. It will take time but the water will rise.

ALSO… Commenters mentioned late yesterday that Benjamin Netanyahu had been ousted as Israeli PM but I have not seen that anywhere as of this posting.


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