The Morning Rant

Are we our own worst enemy? Because reading this sort of bilge makes me think that we don’t deserve to win if people like this are representing our interests in the media.

I’m not sure what has me exercised the most; the assumption that the conservative body politic is going to accept the status quo of unceasing Republican failure theater, or that he continually conflates Republicans and conservatives. Oh, he also tosses in acceptance of the politics of division as an offhand remark…he clearly has internalized the idea that Black America is uniquely penalized by conventional free markets, and different solutions must be developed for them. That is arrant nonsense and should be rejected as forcefully as the idea of CRT or that American Blacks are too stupid to get government IDs.

Critical Race Theory Is Going to Win

Numerous Republican leaders, lawmakers, and pundits have publicly denounced CRT, condemning its use to further divide America. After Critical Race Theory became part of the national conversation, conservatives and Republicans responded by pushing for bans on the material in public schools. As of this writing, 21 states have introduced legislation designed to ban or limit critical race theory.

However, the question that nobody seems to be asking is: “What happens after the theory is banned? What then?”

It’s a question we should all consider because if we assume for one second that banning Critical Race Theory will destroy this ideology we will be in for a rude awakening. As conservatives, we know that the government is rarely the solution to a problem, so using the government to silence an idea should not be seen as the end-all, be-all.

Even when it is banned, Critical Race Theory will still be disseminated to the American masses and most will be persuaded by at least some of its ideas. (It just won’t be called Critical Race Theory.) The reason why is simple.

Racial disparities when it comes to income, wealth, education, healthcare, and other areas still exist in this country. These are glaring problems that need to be fixed. While several factors play into these disparities, it cannot be denied that government policies in the past – and some even now – have been responsible for ensuring that white Americans are placed ahead of blacks and other minorities.

Here are a few suggestions for the writer: open your eyes! Look who is fighting against CRT. Sure, state legislatures are pushing back, but the conservative grassroots is up in arms, taking the fight to school boards and city councils. That’s how conservatives change things! Not by accepting the premise that there is a political or legal answer for every problem.

Will we win this? Will we be able to shift the Overton Window back to an evenhanded view of race? I don’t know, but I do know that if we rely on our Republican representatives to fight this battle we will lose.

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