The Morning Rant

Gee, this sounds great! And in a sane (Trump) world we could confidently hope that these weapons would be developed and deployed to counter the looming threat of Chinese expansionism.

But we don’t live in a sane world, and in fact it’s bat-shit crazy. There is no political will in the corridors of power to push back against China when those corridors are filled with grifting traitors whose only desires are power and money, and if those things come from the Chinese in exchange for neutering our armed forces? Well, that’s how omelets are made!

Army Long Range Strike Gives China A Taste of Its Own Medicine

In a nutshell, the Army wants to place mobile, long-range missile and extended-range artillery batteries on Pacific islands and perhaps in Japan and South Korea. The missiles and artillery rounds are “smart” — meaning precise. Should China attack, the Army’s missile fire would complement other long-range attacks to destroy Chinese ballistic missiles, air bases, coastal defenses and even warships. With China’s long-range fires “softened up,” Navy carrier battle groups head west and, along with Air Force airstrikes, deliver the counterattack: perhaps the coup de grace to China’s communist dictatorship.

That’s a pipe dream. First of all, China will invade Taiwan long before it attacks American interests or America. Second, the current illegitimate occupants of the White House who are calling the shots (whoever they may be) have no interest in confronting China. They will obfuscate and blubber the usual nonsense, go to the UN for a strong condemnation that will be vetoed by the security council (China has a vote!), and ultimately China will conquer and consume a long-time thorn in its side…a free Chinese country just off its coast.

China owns large and influential segments of our society, and until we drive them back, we and the free world will never be safe. But please…don’t hold your breath…it isn’t happening anytime soon.

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