The Morning Rant

It’s censorship…plain and simple, and calling it anything else is an insult to anyone with a brain and a passing familiarity with the concept of a free people and our natural, God-given rights.

Sure, Conservative Inc. will loudly proclaim that since it’s the private sector doing most of the censoring that it’s just peachy keen! And I used to think the same thing, until it became abundantly clear that the confluence of corporations and NGOs and poorly disguised government organizations (anything that takes government money is a de facto arm of the government) acts in concert with the worst excesses of the deep state, or perhaps at the behest of…

The United States Constitution carefully and clearly defended our right to speech without interference from government, and the restrictions allowed even by our increasingly unhinged court systems are minimal. Yet here we are, with full-blown censorship rampant everywhere, driven by the most base and incoherent pressure groups and politically motivated organizations.

The Books Are Already Burning

One hundred and forty-six people in Halifax, Nova Scotia wait on a list to borrow a library book. A question hangs over them: Will activists let them read it?

The book is mine — Irreversible Damage — and it is an investigation of a medical mystery: Why is the number of teenage girls requesting (and obtaining) gender reassignment skyrocketing in the United States, Canada, Scandinavia and Europe? In Great Britain, it’s up 4,400% over the last decade.

Though it shouldn’t be, this has become a highly controversial area of inquiry. The book is an exploration of why so many girls would, in such a short timeframe, decide they are transgender. And it raises questions about whether they’re getting appropriate medical treatment.

The book is not about whether trans people exist. They do. And it is not about adults who elect to medically transition genders. As I have stated endlessly in public interviews and in Senate testimony, I fully support medical transition for mature adults and believe that transgender individuals should live openly without fear or stigma.

Yet since publication, I have faced fierce opposition — not just to the ideas presented, challenged, or explored — but to the publication of the book itself. A top lawyer for the ACLU called for it to be banned. Powerful organizations like GLAAD have lobbied against it and pressured corporations — Target and Amazon among others — to remove Irreversible Damage from their virtual shelves.

So the ACLU is now confused by the First Amendment? And homosexual pressure groups demand freedom to fornicate in public but shriek at the idea of books that propose ideas that aren’t perfectly in line with their hedonism?

The fact is…this has very little to do with the obvious abuses perpetrated on our children by the transsexual lobby, and more to do with the inexorable degradation of traditional society and its norms, in service to a political agenda that leads to the implementation of socialism and its horrors.

Break down the family, break down the age-old restrictions on sexualizing children, break down the biological differences between men and women, break down every bit of thousands of years of sometimes bitter experience that has led to the successes of Western society, and what are we left with?

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