The Morning Report 6/30/21

Good morning kids. Halfway through an even more accursed year than the previous one and two stories are at the top of the news that underscore how we got to the hell we’re in. First up, one wonders whether or not Titty Caca Ocasio-Cortez had such severe flashbacks from January 6th that they caused Malig-Nancy Pelosi to soil her 18-Million-Year Girdle:

A group calling themselves “Sunrise Movement” created what some people might deem an insurrection. Fortunately, none were wearing MAGA hats so no unarmed protestors were shot by mystery guards. Dozens were supposedly arrested . . .

. . . New York’s uber-progressive Rep. Jamaal Bowman just couldn’t pass up a chance to do some race-baiting, and graciously dropped an “F” bomb to let us know he means it:

“They occupy our streets. They mass incarcerate us, but they leave us food insecure, in transportation deserts, and our buildings and schools falling apart. Fuck that!” Bowman said at the event while speaking about the history of discrimination against black people. “We’ve got to go big, and take it to another level. And this is our moment. This is the moment” . . .

. . . Sunrise Movement is allegedly funded by Comrade George Soros. They blocked all 10 entrances to the White House and bellowed their demands. No reports of tear gas, pepper spray, firearms, or batons being used on the potential green panther insurrectionists.

Meanwhile, dozens of decent, G-d-fearing people who showed up to the Capitol to lawfully protest the certification of a stolen national election are languishing in jails and having their lives destroyed by what amounts to an American Gestapo of the DoJ/FBI as punishment for daring to object to the overthrow of the former United States of America

A 49-year-old grandmother named Anna Morgan-Lloyd was directed by her attorney to denounce her whiteness prior to appearing before a federal judge to account for her crime of January 6th, 2021, in which she stands accused of “parading”– yes, parading— through an open Capitol door. She’s lucky she didn’t get the death penalty, considering the vicious clowns in charge of Washington, D.C. — and therefore the rest of the formerly United States — today.

Uncle Sam, who has looked the other way for 13 months as Antifa, BLM, and assorted anarchists and lowlife thugs engaged in violent riots, burning, looting, and laying waste to America’s big cities is now throwing his full weight behind prosecuting the 500 or so unarmed people who strolled through open Capitol doors on that fateful day. The vast majority of the aforementioned 500 did nothing wrong during their short stint inside The Capitol. However, authorities and the media are bending over backward to disparage them, sap their finances — and ruin their lives.

Not only was Morgan-Lloyd charged with trespassing, as the others have been or will be, but she was also advised by her court-appointed public defender to denounce her “white privilege.” The defense attorney also gave her a reading list to help her reprogram her political views in exchange for potentially avoiding prison time forher heinous acts. With public defenders like that, who needs prosecutors?

Grandma Morgan-Lloyd is the first of the trespassers to be sentenced. We can only guess what will befall the others. Will they be forced to read The Communist Manifesto? After all, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff bragged about doing so. Or perhaps they’ll have to watch 10 consecutive episodes of The View and write “Don Lemon is the best” 1,000 times in a spiral notebook?

Before the usual Proud Momzers check their Soros crib notes and chime in, we know for a fact now that terrorist cadres of BLM/Antifa, dressed in MAGA gear caused all of the actual physical destruction of property, the DC cops can be seen on videotape (what there is of it as they have refused so far to release the bulk of the video) holding doors open for rally attendees to enter the building (something which amounts to being co-conspirators, no?) and one of them – unnamed and unpunished – assassinated an unarmed Ashlii Babbitt. This was a Leftist organized and executed Reichstag Fire moment. Although I digress, this is crucially important.

Will any of these so-called “environmentalists” ever be punished to even the tiniest fraction of a degree as much as Anna Morgan-Lloyd, if at all? By the way, this isn’t the first time these assholes pull these less-than-cunning stunts at the Capitol. I seem to recall that Pelosi’s office got invaded by these cockroaches a few years back and she didn’t exactly get the vapors over it, did she? Meh, it’s all for show. The politicians know it, the media know it, and we know it. Unfortunately, too many low-information voters out there don’t, so what can you do?

That said, while this in-your-face insult goes on, while we’re on the intertwined themes of environmentalism and terrorism:

Western loggers, mill workers, and small communities were shocked when President Biden nominated Tracy Stone-Manning as the Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Stone-Manning was part of the notorious domestic eco-terrorist group Earth First! when she was a 23-year-old graduate student at the University of Montana. As an editor of one of the group’s publications, she provided fodder to the faithful who opposed congressionally mandated logging on federal lands. On one occasion, however, she went beyond advocacy. In 1989, she was an accessory to an act of eco-terrorism called tree spiking in an effort to stop the sale of Idaho national forest timber.

Tree spiking occurs when large metal spikes are driven into trees scheduled for harvesting in order to make the trees unsafe to log. The spikes can have a devastating and even deadly effect on a logger or millworker when a chain or circular saw strikes the spikes. For example, on May 8, 1987, a 23-year-old millworker lost several teeth and part of his cheek and jaw after a large band saw shattered when it struck an 11-inch spike driven into a tree.

Tree spiking is truly an act of terror because it is meant to bring fear into the hearts of loggers and millworkers. And bring fear Stone-Manning and her colleagues did. I remember well those days in the late 1980s and early 1990s because my pro bonoclients included loggers and their families, mills and their employees, and residents of tiny northwestern towns and counties. Their lives and livelihoods were put at risk by Earth First! and the acts it advocated openly. These eco-terrorists schooled their acolytes in a tactic they called “monkeywrenching,” which involved the sabotage of the heavy machinery used in logging and mining. Little wonder that in 2002, the FBI labeled eco-terrorism as one of the nation’s primary domestic terror threats.

Ah yes, the FBI. Nowadays, the FBI defines the primary domestic terror threat as white people. And when they say white people, they mean anyone regardless of race or background who is not down for the overthrow of America. Frankly, if Stone-Manning, an actual real-world dictionary-definition terrorist is not confirmed by the Senate, I’d be amazed. I’m looking at you, GOP-e. 

And in that roundabout way, that leads me to the second major story of the day that is also intimately connected with the reason why we’re in the position we’re in. Election-rigging. No, I’m not referring to the phantom overflowing toilet in Atlanta that would up flooding four different cities with tens of thousands of mimeographed ballots all with Joe Biden’s name checked, I’m talking about the disastrous Democrat primary for New York City mayor.

Preliminary results released earlier in the day showed Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams maintaining a lead over the other candidates, but suggested the race would be closer than expected when all the votes were counted, The New York Times reported. But the vote count was removed Tuesday evening, replaced by a notice that the results would be available “starting on June 30.”

The elections board tweeted hours later that a “discrepancy” had been found in its ranked-choice vote software, an electoral system which allows voters to rank candidates in order of their preference, which the city is using for the first time. The board added that it was working with its “technical staff to identify where the discrepancy occurred” . . . 

. . . The debacle has thrown New York City’s closely watched mayoral race into chaos, and the elections board noted it will need to both re-generate the cast vote record and re-tabulate the ranked-choice voting numbers.

Even after the elections board has recalibrated its ranked-choice voting software and sorted through the preliminary tally once again, it must count around 124,000 Democratic absentee ballots and run them through the ranked-choice elimination rounds, The Times reported. The board said a final result will not be expected until mid-July.

Adams had called the preliminary results into question in a statement released before the elections board took them down. His remarks were routinely condemned by numerous political commentators and pundits, hours before the elections board ultimately admitted there was a “discrepancy” in its vote tabulation.

Insert gigantic Nelson Muntz laugh here. I mean, cry me a fucking river. Because the Left can’t stand having a mere Trotskyite and not a full-fledged Shining Path Maoist as mayor of NYC, we have thousands of ballots magically appear on top of this “ranked choice voting” scam which does nothing but allow those who count the ballots to jigger (not racist) the results however they like. Doesn’t all this just take you back to last November? In any case, the Burning, Looting and Murdering which has only increased in the wake of George Floyd’s regrettable – BUT WHOLLY HIS OWN FAULT – death at the hands of Officer Derek Chauvin (not exactly Joe Friday but certainly not a murderer [tell that to the rigged jury]) is the result of the defunding of police and the labeling of law and order as, you guessed it, “racist.” What the hell isn’t, right? Now all of a sudden, the Democrats at a national level are scrambling to distance themselves from that madness as the body count rises while at the local level, they’re doubling down on the dismantling of law enforcement.

And, don’t get too comfortable taking your masks off and enjoying the lifting of lockdowns. Because here comes the Delta Variant of the Peking Pulmonary Pox for the junta to keep you imprisoned. And dependent.

Considering the level of abject failure and miserly the Democrats have inflicted on this now deceased nation, and their seeming ineptness, how they ever got a stranglehold on power is beyond me. Not really. Because the brainwashing will continue until morale improves. 







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