The Morning Rant

Ah…the rampant corruption of New York State is an amazing thing. As long as the graft flows, any behavior, no matter how repulsive is accepted, and in fact celebrated.

So Fredo The Elder can grope and paw women whenever he feels a bit randy, and kill grandma and grandpa in their nursing homes, but as long as the sweet state contracts are still given to his supporters they will continue to repay the favor with million dollar fundraisers and provide cover in the media.

Scandal-plagued Andrew Cuomo raises over $1M at fundraiser

The more than $1 million raised from the event is expected to be reflected in a campaign disclosure report due in July. In January, Cuomo already had nearly $17 million in campaign cash.

The governor has denied accusations of wrongdoing, although, in response to the harassment claims, he apologized for making anyone feel uncomfortable and had resisted the calls to resign. Cuomo is eligible to run for a fourth term in 2022 and has signaled that he intends to do so.

When the dam broke and multiple accusers came forward, followed by the revelations that Cuomo gleefully infected New York’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities with Wuhan flu to help his buddies, I figured that nothing would come of it but that he would be tainted enough to slither off into a cushy corporate job.

But New York’s political instincts are so warped, that he might just run again…and WIN! At that point we all should just throw up our hands and add New York to the list of states that are irreparably broken: California and Illinois and New Jersey will have to step up their corruption game if they want to remain ahead of New York!

But we shouldn’t be surprised by this. The elites are perfectly willing to accept a senile two-bit crook as president, so having a career corruptocrat in Albany is an easy call. As long as they get their cheap labor and Chinese bribe money; they are happy! That the American people will suffer has never been an issue. So what that once great states are falling into third-world-shithole status. So what that America is rapidly becoming a vassal-state to China. So what that two centuries of American Exceptionalism is disappearing.

Hopefully the good people left in this once great country will accelerate the push-back and realize that we outnumber the elites, the SJWs, Antifa, BLM, etc. by orders of magnitude!

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