The Morning Rant

Progressivism as a mental disorder is a fun topic, because it is often the simplest explanation for the insanity that is on display. The hysterical crying jags over lost elections, safe spaces and trigger warnings on college campuses, sputtering, nonsensical ad hominem attacks that replace reasoned argument, and on and on…

But maybe there is an even simpler explanation; they are just stupid and ignorant and poorly educated.

It’s hard not to reach that assumption after reading this short screed about Tucker Carlson’s reasonable suggestion that we monitor what teachers teach our children!

Tucker Carlson Goes Full ‘1984’ With ‘Cameras In The Classroom’ Proposal

Carlson, in a rant reminiscent of something from George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel “1984,” called the teaching that racism is at least partly systemic ― currently a focus of anger from conservatives ― a “civilization-ending poison” and “B.S.”

He warned “we can’t really be sure” how far it is being spread until “we finally get cameras in the classroom, as we put them on the chests of police officers.”

I’ve never heard of the writer…he seems to be just another dime-a-dozen hack spewing nonsense for a variety of publications…but he seems to be a Brit, or at least spent some time there, so he should be passingly familiar with George Orwell and his rather important book. Yet he hilariously missed one of the biggest themes of 1984, that government monitors everything we do, and that is dangerous! Carlson’s suggestion is a good one, and has nothing to do with 1984’s warnings about all-powerful government, and in fact is a fine way to curb government power and influence.

I am left with the conclusion that the writer of this nonsense either never read 1984 and is bullshitting, or he did read it and is simply too dumb to have appreciated it, or even understood it.

Which surprises me not at all. I have met a few “journalists,” and I was not struck by their intelligence. Is it time for an addendum to the saying that”

  • Those that can’t “do,” teach.
  • Those that can’t teach, teach gym.
  • Those that can’t teach gym, write for newspapers!

And now I see that John Nolte has noticed this stupidity…yesterday!

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