Buckhead Rhymes With F&%*head GOPe

It sounds great, and is something that more suburbs of leftist-hell-holes should be doing. Take their tax money and go home! And then use that money to hire the cops that the leftist-hell-holes didn’t.

Wealthy Suburb Wanting ‘Divorce’ from Crime-Ridden Atlanta Will Get Senate Hearing

Except…the society-destroying policies that created and then supported those leftist-hell-holes for three generations were tacitly supported by the very Republicans who seem to congregate in wealthy suburbs outside of cities. And sometimes not so tacitly.

The Buckhead Republicans

As an organization, The Buckhead Republicans do not officially endorse individual candidates but rather rather we encourage knowledge and support of all Republican candidates.

Sure, their website has a photo of President Trump, so they clearly aren’t NeverTrump liberals, but a platform that explicitly supports all Republican candidates is a mush-mouthed way to avoid taking a stand.

Far too many of those Republicans getting Buckhead’s support are typical inside-the-beltway grifters who have no coherent political philosophy other than getting reelected and sucking on the government teats. They are the ones who find nothing wrong with Socialism LiteTM, as long as they get their cut. So Buckhead undoubtedly has concrete, quantifiable concerns about the further collapse of Atlanta’s municipal services and the inability of Georgia Democrats to run..anything (check out the airport for some laughs), The good people of Buckhead should have been a bit more particular about who they supported, because it is those folks who have enabled the third-world esthetic that dominates in blue cities in America.

As Buck Throckmorton pointed out recently about the judiciary, it is time for realpolitik. Screw collegiality and bipartisanship and all of the buzzwords of the losing side. If Buckhead wants to survive, they need to support only firebrand conservatives who unequivocally support traditional American values, are philosophically opposed to government welfare, shoot guns, drive big cars and hate the Beltway.

Because their support of some closeted big-government liberals has created exactly the conditions that have them in a froth! Do they really think that supporting a bunch of Romneys and other turncoats to conservatism will be counterbalanced by a photo of President Trump and a few bucks tossed to a few real conservatives?

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