The Cycle Continues: NYC’s Slide Into 3rd World Status

New York City is disgusting, and no amount of nonsensical blather from its lame duck idiot mayor will change that. His authoritarian-sounding mouthpiece proclaimed that the filthy, street-clogging eyesores known as “outdoor dining,” are “here to stay.” They look and smell like shantytown hovels, and belong in some dystopian vision of America, not in its biggest and supposedly grandest city.

But the reality is that these shacks strewn all over NYC are perfectly in sync with the new aesthetic in New York. 3rd World…Here We Come!

NYC outdoor dining a noisy, dirty ‘nightmare’ for residents fighting expansion

When this program started it was done as a temporary program to help restaurants and we were in favor of that. We felt restaurants needed it,” Clark said. “That has all changed. Restaurants don’t need it and we don’t want it.”

On one-block Cornelia Street in the West Village, nine restaurants have built outdoor sheds, she said.

“It looks like a slum,” she said. “These are shabby, horribly built things out of plywood. They are filthy.”

And she is being polite. They clog the streets, they clog the sidewalks, they are undoubtedly less sanitary in all respects, and the dining experience leaves much to be desired.

I doubt there is any sort of significant demand for these horrid things, so I am left with the inescapable conclusion that the various restaurant trade groups paid off someone…probably de Blasio himself. Of course that isn’t surprising; rumors abound of his cozy relationships with other industry groups.

At least Tammany Hall provided some value in exchange for its graft. The current kleptocracy is a pathetic example of an incompetent yet crooked administration that careens from failure to failure, always counting on the stupidity of the average NYC voter, and the terminal ennui of the rest of them…it will never get fixed, so why bother?

And the presumptive mayor-elect will be only marginally better…hopefully. Oh, he makes all the correct sounds, but he is just another leftist politician who has gauged the mood of the few New Yorkers who bother to vote. So he has mouthed the platitudes of the technocrat, but without a thorough overhaul of the city government…something he will not do…New York will continue its slide into
conditions reminiscent of the 1970s.

What’s the over/under on the federal bailout?

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