The Morning Rant

Ah yes…the grift is alive and well in David Frum. His political masters are an afterthought, and have no influence within the real conservative movement in America, but the bills must be paid! So why not write a nonsensical article about how TRUMP! is the bad guy in this whole vaccine mess we find ourselves in. Never mind that President Trump is a proponent of the vaccine and has spread the message far and wide: “Take the vaccine!”

No, as a dues-paying NeverTrump professional fascist, David Frum must blame all the world’s ills on President Trump, and suggest policies that smack of Nazi Germany or communist China more than they reflect the traditional ideas of freedom and personal responsibility that until recently were hallmarks of American life.

[Warning: it’s a safe link to The Atlantic, but it’s an article by David Frum, so don’t read it] Vaccinated America Has Had Enough

In the United States, this pandemic could’ve been over by now, and certainly would’ve been by Labor Day. If the pace of vaccination through the summer had been anything like the pace in April and May, the country would be nearing herd immunity. With most adults immunized, new and more infectious coronavirus variants would have nowhere to spread. Life could return nearly to normal.

This reminds me of a blurb I read about the HAWK missile. It accelerates so fast that it could reach the moon in 16 seconds. But…the real world doesn’t work that way, and as with everything else in the universe, things tend to slow down as they approach 100% of whatever. So it is unsurprising that the pace of vaccination has slowed, and it has very little to do with President Trump, and a lot to do with the disgusting politicization of the vaccine.

Experts list many reasons for the vaccine slump, but one big reason stands out: vaccine resistance among conservative, evangelical, and rural Americans. Pro-Trump America has decided that vaccine refusal is a statement of identity and a test of loyalty.

There is a large and very vocal contingent on this very blog that is anti-Wuhan vaccination. I have never read a single comment from any of them, even the nuttiest, that links their choice not get the vaccine to their support of President Trump or the conservative movement. I have read many arguments…some ridiculous and some rational…but loyalty or identity hasn’t come up!

The rest of the article is similarly nonsensical. He latches on to small differences in vaccination penetration as proof that Trump supporters are America-hating disease vectors, and something must be done! Like forcing them to get the vaccine using the cudgel of government power over their employment, student loans, travel, etc.

His penultimate paragraph cuts to the chase: you Trumpists are actually evil people who hate their fellow Americans and are vindictively trying to hurt the rest of us compliant sheep good Americans.

Read the article if you want to have a bit of fun with his innumeracy and his ignorance of any political group to the right of the Fox producers he so desperately fellates to stay relevant.

The facts of the Wuhan flu epidemic in America are clear: yes, the vaccine probably helps. Yes, the epidemic is petering out. Yes, the variants are still floating around, but so many of the “cases” are actually just positive tests in asymptomatic people that the data are essentially irrelevant.

So get the vaccine. Or don’t get the vaccine. I think most people just don’t care that much anymore. They are much more interested in the future economic and social health of America, and how to prevent its destruction by the progressives for whom David Frum is shilling.

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