First World Problems…

This column has been reserved for lighthearted topics, and while it may seem that mocking this poor deluded fool strays into political and social commentary, the primary point is that we are worrying about things that just a few generations ago would have been laughed at as impossibly frivolous and unimportant.

The fact is that Wuhan Flu, or “CCP Flu” as The Epoch Times calls it is an order of magnitude from being a real killer. We have dealt with much worse diseases in America in our or our parents’ lifetimes without resorting to the current insanity. it is a testament to the success of post-WWII western society that we have the leisure time and the discretionary income to behave in ways that are transparently hysterical and frankly a bit nutty.

This country has managed truly terrifying and deadly diseases before, without passively accepting the draconian limitations on our normal behavior.

That we are incapable of any sense of perspective is a direct result of Western culture’s unbelievable success. We have made life wonderful and easy for so many people that we have lost any sense that life can be difficult and dangerous and unsettling. When faced with these unfamiliar realities, too many of us have lost any rational view of reality, and have magnified the minimal risks of CCP Flu to ridiculousness.

Until we reclaim logic and rational analysis of the risk, we will continue to accept the dictatorial behavior of the government as a bulwark against the imagined risk of what is nothing more than a cold for most, and an unfortunately serious disease for a small number of us.
Just in case any of you are jonesing for a real first world problem, I opened a bottle of wine last night (a very good St. Francis Zinfandel) and the foil around the neck was really tight. I had to struggle a bit to get it off without cutting it.

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  1. We’ve collectively managed to forget the history of our own lives. Watching society allow idiots to just announce that in order to survive the Second Coming of the Black Plague we must,, in spite of either no data or conflicting data, DO as they say. Somehow the people have concluded that when someone says Do,if they are Good Citizens, they Must Do,,without question.

    Yeah, bullshit,,,

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