Serious Country Competition: Hungary 1, USA 0

Protect borders, reinforce traditional values, support internal population growth through favorable tax and social policies.

Sounds interesting, but that is simply not possible in our so-called “enlightened” liberal western democracies.

I remember Viktor Orbán from the 1980s when he was an avowed anti-communist, and he resurfaced in international news when he made it abundantly clear that his first responsibility as the prime minister of Hungary was…shockingly…Hungary! He did not allow an illegal immigrant invasion…the same invasion that has swamped other European countries: in particular, Germany. For that he was vilified by the bien-pensants of the EU and, sadly, in America.

Multiculturalist Liberals Hate Hungary for Being a Pro-Borders, Traditional Values Success: Orban

On the question of his forceful termination of the 2015 border crisis sparked by Germany’s Angela Merkel effectively extending an open invitation for migrants to march into Europe, Orbán was clear that, in his view, he had the right to build a wall and put an end to the border crossings.

“Of course. It’s coming from God, the nature, so all arguments [are] with us. Because this is our country. This is our population, this is our history, this is our language,” he said.

“Of course, if you are in trouble, and there is nobody closer to you than the Hungarians, you have to be helpful. But can’t say simply, that ‘okay, it’s a nice country, I would like to come here and live here, because it’s a nicer life’. It is not a human right to come here. No way, because it’s our land. It’s a nation, it’s a community, families, history, tradition, language,” he added.

There are rumblings about his authoritarian tendencies, and just a few years ago I would have taken them seriously. But in today’s political and media climate, in which the 4th Estate is a tool wielded by the open borders internationalists, I have a difficult time believing that he is the second coming of some imaginary right-wing dictator. You know…the ones that we are always warned about but rarely appear.

The reality is that Orbán clearly read Gramsci, and is combating the traditional communist techniques of destabilization of traditional culture and religion. Whether he succeeds remains to be seen, as the post-modern progressive West is actively hostile to everything Hungary and Orbán wants.

Is he a budding right-wing maniac? Well, according to the rabidly leftist media…of course. But until I see some concrete examples of it, rather than regurgitated NeverTrumper ramblings, I will reserve judgement, and plan a visit to Budapest!

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