The Morning Rant

The stupidity of the writers over at the stoner website “Reason” apparently knows no bounds. The smugness of their hopelessly utopian view of political philosophy and their carefully cultivated ignorance of the real world, coupled with being high as a kite most of the times leads to articles such as this:

Cuomo and Trump: Who Can Tell the Difference? [Safe Link]

An overtly corrupt elected official with a propensity for pawing women, a legion of fans who habitually excuse his excesses, and a face that can be taken as a symbol of his political tribe—you know who I’m talking about, right? Or maybe you don’t. This is politics here, and sociopaths performing to the adoration of the multitudes seem to go with the territory. To be honest, I could be referring to either New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo or former President Donald Trump, two despicable people who represent their respective parties as well as deep rot in this country.

That Cuomo and Trump could be mistaken for one another without some clarification is no surprise; both emerged from the rotten swamp of New York politics and business, which has long had a well-deserved reputation for corruption…

Ignoring the laughably incorrect “facts” which apparently the writer accepted without question from the Democrat propaganda apparatus, it is glaringly obvious that Andrew “Fredo The Elder” Cuomo does not represent the Democrat party, because they are leading the mob that is itching to tar and feather him. And President Trump’s position as a leader of the Republican party is certainly a point of discussion, since it was the party apparatchiks who fought him as hard as his public opponents in the Democrat party.

Interestingly, President Trump’s long association with NY politics has left him curiously untouched by its corruption, something that can’t be said of Andrew Cuomo, whose financial and political cronies were no doubt instrumental in Cuomo’s decision to sentence to death many thousands of nursing home and assisted living residents, all in service to craven financial and political desires.

But the root of this nonsensical conflation of President Trump and tit-grabber Cuomo is the unmentioned connection the writer has to President Trump; his father — a libertarian crank from 60 years ago — wrote a biography of Trump that was neither well received, nor appreciated by the Trump organization. There is long-standing antipathy in this article, and it is a disservice to his readers that he failed to mention the connection.

But in his defense, he was probably stoned and just couldn’t be bothered…although he did remember to display a startling hatred of America via his dismissal of President Trump’s supporters (probably more than half of the country) as part of the “deep rot that lies at the heart of American political culture.”

This pompous stoner is so convinced of the truth of libertarianism that he breaks every basic honest reporting rule to make his sophomoric point that Trump and Cuomo are the same. But that is par for the course with libertarians, and at their flagship media outlet. They long ago devolved into a caricature; I can’t shake the image I have in my mind’s eye of their editorial meetings, complete with cheap tapestries across the walls, bongs strewn everywhere, and several people reclining on a ratty futon, solving the ills of the world with earnest but nonsensical pronouncements about how things should be done.

One day when they come down they will reexamine their dedication to every chaotic idea they ever had as college sophomores and return to the important work of exposing authoritarian behavior in American policing, the silly restrictions on small business, and leave the larger questions alone until they grow up and realize that the world is not just what they saw through their dorm windows.

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