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History (or any other study) has to start with the facts, and interpretation flows from that. One of the many structural flaws within CRT is the a priori assumption of racism as the driver of society and policy. That’s nonsense, and why the CRT industry has to radically overhaul the study of history, because their assumptions cannot be supported by the facts.

Conservative College Hillsdale Releases 1776 Curriculum To Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory

“Unlike the 1619 Project and its politicized curricula, the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum doesn’t use history as a weapon to fight current political battles. Instead, the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum is a reflection of the honest study of history that has been going on at Hillsdale College and its dozens of affiliated K-12 schools for decades.

It’s a content-rich curriculum covering American history, American government, and civics – the complete story of our nation that is honest, inspiring, and unifying,” she said.

While an overtly patriotic American history curriculum might be accused of downplaying sordid facts of the nation’s history, the 1776 Curriculum references slavery nearly 2,000 times. It is forthright in acknowledging the institution as a “glaring” example of America’s failure to live up to “its founding ideas.” To O’Toole and Hillsdale, the question isn’t whether to teach about slavery, but how to teach about it in the context of America’s lofty founding principles.

Ah yes…slavery. The root of all evil, and America’s unique flaw. Except…slavery was common throughout the world and had been for much of history. America was one of many countries that agonized over the enslavement of others, and early in our development slavery became an issue.

Ask those CRT supporters when America banned the slave trade, and they will probably hem and haw and not know the answer. Because America, even before the Constitution was ratified was limiting slavery. Yes…it took many years before it ended completely, but the assumption that our “peculiar institution” was unique is laughable. In fact, the abolition of slavery throughout the world continued long past our Civil War (The War of The Rebellion), and yet it still exists! How can that be?

But Hillsdale College’s curriculum is obviously much more than the study of slavery; it is what has been lost in so many of our public institutions: the study of civics…the structure of our political institutions and the privileges and responsibilities of our citizens.

It’s far more important than learning about 57 genders and how to put a condom on a banana!

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