Northeasterner born and bred. Spent many years in the bowels of progressivism in the S.F. Bay Area, where I learned my communist organization hierarchy on the streets of Berkeley. I am now back on the East coast, railing against pretty much everything (I live in New Jersey).

I am a big fan of the 2nd Amendment, and an absolutist too. So if you ask me whether I think a gun law is bad, my answer will almost always be, “Yes!”

I am Jewish, which makes me pretty damned rare….a conservative, gun-owning Jew! Unfortunately that doesn’t, a priori, make me a staunch supporter of Israel. That I get from being sane, pro-American and being half Israeli.

And something that separates me from many of the other contributors around here is a healthy suspicion of anything the police say or do. Unlike many on the right, I am not reflexively pro-police, having seen first-hand and read about too many abuses of power and authority.