OregonMuse (RIP: January, 2022)

OregonMuse is perhaps best known for his proprietorship of the Sunday Morning Book Thread on the Ace of Spades HQ blog, which he has been posting every week since 2012.

He has more or less retired after working for many years in the computer industry, first as a software developer for hospital laboratory computer systems, then in technical support. He is happy that some of the code he has written has provided doctors with the lab results they need to diagnose patient ailments, and who knows, maybe even helped them save some lives.

Originally from the SF Bay Area, he migrated to Oregon in the early 80’s, where he met and married the lovely and gracious Mrs. Muse. Their three children are all grown up, but OregonMuse still does his best to embarrass them regularly, as is his natural right as their father.

OregonMuse is an old-school nerd who not only is proficient in Morse Code, which he has used in shortwave radio communications, but who has actually won money in a chess tournament. When not engaged in his nerdly pursuits, he can usually be found chasing neighborhood children off his lawn.