What The Hell Is This?

This is the first of what hopefully will become a regular rotation of writers commenting on just about everything, but from a perspective that will become clear very, very quickly.

Politics will be in the forefront, mostly because we are political junkies, but booze, food, model building, ethics…you name it, we will have an opinion and possibly even some knowledge.

American flag genoa

14 comments to “What The Hell Is This?”
  1. Maybe I’ll send you some pics of the crappy models I have built since my last stroke. Maybe someone can help me with some tips for the disabled.


  2. Nice JJ. I really enjoy your posts at the HQ. Added this to my favorites list – looking forward to seeing what happens here. Wishing you much success!

    BTW…..*looks around*…….there’s a group of pants-less pissed-off people milling around outside the door ……they’re loud, angry, and they act like a buncha morons. Be careful. Be very careful. They’re led by a small furry creature, a ginger-haired dwarf, and an ancient curmudgeon, and they are VICIOUS!

  3. The picture is one that T. Coddington Van Voorhees himself would approve of – a sailboat while summering off the coast of Maine! Cheers, old boy!

  4. Congrats to you and CBD on the new site!

    Three sites you might find interesting:

    http://www.combinedfleet dot com/baddest dot htm

    – comparison of various WW2 battleship classes by firepower, armor, effectiveness, etc.

    http://www.forcez-survivors dot org.uk/automedon dot html

    RMS Automedon, whose doomed voyage changed world history

    And lastly, for ex-Navy folks with a sense of humor, a re-up of Ron Martini’s collection of submarine humor, “The Golden Rivet”: http://www.reocities dot com/pentagon/3392/humor dot html

  5. I’m buried in real life right now, but I hope to start some fun series threads here once I’ve resurfaced.

    And weekdays. I will finally be able to post on weekdays!

  6. Because you talk like a fag and your shit’s all retarded.

    Or…I have no idea how to set this up correctly.

    Your call.

  7. Well played. I’ll take the “you have no idea what the fuck you are doing” for a thousand Alex.

    Pretty good site barring CBD’s ineptitude. Hopefully there wont be any disappearing post here.

  8. I wonder how many readers actually grasped that reference? Knowledge flows through them like crap through a goose!

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