The Wicked Son, or “Give Back Your Bar Mitzvah Money!”


“I’ll take Jenjis Cohen to win in the 5th at Pimlico…”

Greater than the mystery of how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop, the enigma of the self-hating Jew is one that has boggled the mind, at least since the turn of the 20th Century if not longer. There are many theories out there, and one of the best places to start to understand this is Norman Podhoretz’s seminal book/essay “Why Are Jews Liberal?” Perhaps the archetype is the Wicked Son of Passover/4 Questions fame. For those of you who are not members of the tribe, the Four Sons represent four different types of people who must be taught the lesson of freedom, but each in his own way. I’ll passover the other three and get to this guy, who says with much snark, “What is the meaning of the Passover service which G-d commanded you? “You” he says, and not “us.” By so framing the question, he has withdrawn himself from the group, and seems even to deny G-d.”

Which brings us to the latest shameful episode in how not to behave as a Jew, an elected representative of the American people and as a sane human being. The Iran Sell-Out/Surrender has a couple of parts to it; a) the absolute sham of the Corker-Menendez Bill which flipped the Senate’s Article 2 power and gave it to the Executive Branch, b) the complete ignoring of a co-equal branch of government by Obama who went straight to the UN for passage in that body, totally contravening the Constitution and rule of law (surprising, right?) and, the cherry on top, c) the current round of phony Kabuki theater we are now enduring as the GOP-e and a number of Democrats are shocked – shocked! – to find out that this treaty is a joke, and a very sick one.  But, as is my wont, I digress.

Chuck Schumer has now found himself under a withering assault of some incredibly vile anti-semitic attacks from people at the White House, Democrats and the Left in general. Although the schadenfreude of seeing one of the most atrocious, power-mad anti-American leftists get a taste of the same kind of medicine he has consistently meted out to conservatives and other principled Americans over the past 40 odd years is “heh” worthy, it is nevertheless sickening to witness, even as we see the same and worse Jew-baiting coming from Europe and our own college campuses, virtually on a daily basis now.

Some have claimed Schumer has taken an unusual and brave stand against the leader of his own party. After all, this would be another signature “achievement” to add to the crown of the Obama presidency and perhaps the future leading Senate Democrat is standing in the way, consequences be damned. What a guy, eh? I call BULLSHIT.

“…but hand to G-d, I thought it was a steam room, not a mikvah!”

First of all, Schumer easily has the political muscle to strong-arm his fellow Democrats in the Senate to vote against the bill AND more crucially, to override the almost instantaneous veto that will drip from Obama’s Mont Blanc. Yet, his opposition has been tepid at best. The tell is his junior partner from the Empire State, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  Gillibrand has come out firmly in favor of Obama and the deal.  Bear in mind that this is a woman who was a machine Democrat hack politician, specifically selected because of that to take that seat after Hilary left to run for president in 2008. In the nearly 7 years she’s been in office, Gillibrand has voted in lockstep with Schumer.

“Katie Couric?! Pfft! This shiksa goddess really puts the “whore” in “hora.”

Despite the law degree and former job at Boies-Schiller (yes, that David Boies), she’s an intellectual lightweight and a reliable leftist apparatchick who doesn’t go to the can without written permission in triplicate from Schumer. And yet, for the first time, she goes against her senior partner and a DC powerhouse who has no qualms about crushing his opponents. And on one of the most important votes in this nation’s history, no less.

I don’t think it takes a political whiz to understand that Schumer is afraid that his base, a good portion of it consisting of the largest Jewish population in the country, would go apeshit if he supported the deal.  That said, it’s sadly a fair assumption to say that a good percentage of the Jews in Manhattan, Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights could give a shit about Israel, but I suppose there is AIPAC and their lucre.  Aside from Gillibrand, there’s also the bloated Gerald Nadler who’s voting in favor as well. He’s about as Jewish as Karl Marx or Noam Chomsky. Despite being in the House and under the bony thumb of Nancy Pelosi, Schumer has tremendous influence over her and that body (not her’s, the House) as well, not to mention the New York Democratic political machine.  And I’m not even going to mention Feinstein, Boxer or the other “momzers” in both chambers.


“…cole slaw and a side order of Strontium 90. And a Cel-Ray.”

So, his kabuki opposition notwithstanding, Schumer (like Nadler and all the others) is the embodiment of someone who is Liberal first, last and forever. He is Jewish merely by virtue of being born of a Jewish mother. Nothing more, nothing less. His allegiance is to some secular utopian ideology, with more than a smidgen of lust for power and greed. And so, this deal is sealed, as is the fate of our nation, Israel and whatever is left of the civilized world, such as it is (Israel’s possible military action notwithstanding).

Why? Are the roots of this the desire, after nearly 6 millennia of ostracism, hatred, and persecution as “the other” to abandon one’s heritage just to be left alone? Okay, maybe I can accept that. But do these people have to be the ones that shout and beat the rest of us the hardest, just to prove their secular bona fides? The only acceptable fate of these people – and it will come to them at the hands of those they have run to and embraced – is that which is rumored to have befallen Chaim Rumkowski, the last head of the Judenrat of the Lodz Ghetto. After lording over and mistreating his fellow Jews in the service of his Nazi masters, he too ultimately wound up shipped off to Birkenau. The story goes that just before he was to be gassed, the group of Jews he was with beat him to death. That would be karma.


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  1. “He is Jewish merely by virtue of being born of a Jewish mother. Nothing more, nothing less.”

    Alas….This is the operative phrase. Our co-religionists are first, last and always leftists. That is their religion, and no amount of Hillel and Birthright and High Holy Day attendance at the synagogue will change that.

    Their grandparents died in the gas chambers or at the hands of the einsatzgruppen…but all they care about is Marx.

  2. Just found and bookmarked your blog. Awesome.

    As far as the American Jew thing goes some smaht guy wrote a thing recently that explained it quite well. The executive summary is that most American Jews are neither orthodox nor practicing and have no strong connection with the state of Isreal. They tend to be pretty average in their political affiliation for the areas in which they live, which is mostly New York.

  3. Failure Theater is a popular name for it, but I prefer to think of it as Good Cop / Bad Cop. Both parties are BS’ing their people as hard as they can. There is no bad or good, they are the same. They are working in their best interests, not ours.

  4. On the electoral front, it will be interesting to see if the Democrat establishment tries to knock out Bernie Sanders from the ticket to either preserve Hilary or install Biden. If that’s the case, will the Democrat base act like the conservatives did in ’08 and ’12 and stay home?

    And can you imagine if tovarisch Sanders goes 3rd party? Hell, if Trump is denied, what if he goes 4th party?

    Interesting times, indeed.

  5. Agreed. Senator IndyMac is simply dancing as fast as he can for his true masters, the Hate America First, Foremost and Always crowd.

  6. I look at this post and you could sub out a few words and phrases and fairly accurately describe American Catholicism as well.

    Granted I suppose the American Catholics actually think the Marxism is somehow compatible with their faith. I’m not sure the same can be said for the Jews you describe, Sefton.

  7. It’s like the attitude towards the Constitution, in that they feel it’s “a living and breathing” document. Can’t speak for Catholicism but in Judaism, along with the Torah we have the Talmud which is a book not only of interpretations of the Torah by ancient scholars but the interpretations of the interpretations by scholars through the centuries. Another aspect is that socialism was founded as a way communal support against the oppression of the Tsar. It’s the prime example of good intentions that turn into hideous results. Although, unlike today’s left, I think those that supported the ideas/ideals of socialism really were goodhearted. I exclude Marx and his wealthy stooge Engels from that group because they were bitter and did not have the milk of human kindness in their veins.

  8. Gas chambers are so 20th century. The modern self-loathing Jew is all about the nuclear (blast) furnace.

    “First the nuclear imams came for the Jews, and I said nothing, for I was a self-loathing Jew…”

  9. Haven’t read up on Schumer’s history but, IMO, he sounds and acts like the product of the Social Justice teachings I’ve encountered in Reform temples. Parents, schools and (alas) rabbis have been peddling this garbage for many, many years, and constant exposure to its tenets stick after enough repetition.

    I have never understood it. “Suicidal” is indeed the operative term, but woe betide he or she who argues with it.

    Regretfully, one has to conclude that, in spite of all the evidence that the version of “Never Again!” that Schumer and his fellow Crusaders for Liberal Justice believe in has more fine-print traps in it than the finance contract at a used-car lot in the ghetto.

  10. Great. My first comment, and my editing left out a couple of important words. The last ‘graf should begin thus: “Regretfully, one has to conclude that, in spite of all the evidence that Islamic antisemitism is very alive and well, the version of “Never Again!” that Schumer and his fellow Crusaders for Liberal Justice believe in…”

  11. Nadler is the reliable vote for every leftist idea on earth.

    He also wants cost of living adjustments to the tax code….which would give his constituents a break!

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