Speaking of Academic Craziness …

Professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” “male,” or “female.”

Source: Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’

Further proof, if any were needed that the inmates have taken over the asylum in higher education. If there were ever a time when a dean needs to call in a “professor,” it would be the dean at Washington State calling in Selena Lester Breiks and telling her, “Toots, you’re done. Pack up your copy of Das Kapital and get out.”

Another luminary, one Rebecca Fowler, intoned:

“The socio-legal production of migrant illegality works to systematically dehumanize and exploit these brown bodies for their labor,” Fowler continued.

In which case I propose that we stop exploiting these brown bodies for their labor by not allowing them into the country. Wouldn’t want to exploit them now, would we? Stay in Mexico, where life is good. Don’t come to the U.S. to be exploited, ese!

Still a third towering intellect, John Streamas – previously notable for referring to a student as a “white shitbag” – has his own requirements for the intellectual sandbox course he runs:

White students in Professor John Streamas’s “ Introduction to Multicultural Literature” class, are expected to “defer” to non-white students, among other community guidelines, if they want “to do well in this class.”

These courses – hell, these departments – serve no purpose whatever, apart from providing sinecures, soapboxes, and a thin patina of intellectual respectability for leftist agitators.

Actually, I take that back. They also provide a refuge for the cognitively disenfranchised to skate through university and come out as “college graduates,” which they are not in any meaningful sense of the phrase.

Universities need to cut back dramatically on both social science and humanities departments, apart from service courses. Limit enrollment (especially in upper division social science courses, which tend to be catch basins for weak students); we don’t need 500 sociology majors in every year.

Last, they need to come down – hard – on jokers such as those mentioned above. Force them to take sensitivity training (!) on how to deal with people of other viewpoints, and to apologize publicly to the students whom they’ve let down by their patently anti-intellectual policies.

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  1. As a pro-life religious person, I’m the minority in the classes I teach usually.
    (Heck as a white male I’m also usually in the minority although that varies from semester to semester.)

    I demand the doctors defer to me!

  2. Your point that many of these students are the weakest of any in school has been overlooked.

    One of the reasons for an “evolving” language and new jargon is that it lessens the demands for rigorous writing and communicating.

    If you can throw in some buzz-words or even make up your own language as you go along, pretty much everything will be acceptably academic.

  3. “Weakest of any in school” indeed, CBD. They are also likely to be the weakest citizens if the post-college “outside world,” too.

    About the only venues left to them are teaching jobs, reporting, and working for liberal institutions (foundations, “think tanks,” the Southern Poverty Law Center, etc.).

    And filing lawsuits alleging “discrimination.” Don’t forget that.

    In every generation (the recent ones, anyway), older people have complained that the next crop are woefully undereducated, incapable of existing in society, doomed to ultimate failure. Hasn’t happened yet, but I wouldn’t bet against it happening this time.

  4. Next, the white Judeo-Christians will be forced to the front of the class, wear dunce caps and be jeered at by their classmates.

    I saw this movie already. I think it was directed by Fritz Hippler.

  5. Anyone remember Harry Edwards? Of Black Power Salute fame?

    He taught at Berkeley, and it was an open secret that his classes were explicitly racist. White students were abused and demeaned, and I am sure graded tougher.

  6. I’ve joked that I’d like to go back to college, major in sociology or grievance studies, flunk the courses, and then become a physics major.

    I want to be the first person in human history to go that direction instead of the other way.

  7. Calling these “educators” Bozos is an insult to clowns. You blogging gents, however, are awesome and great and I’m excited to go read everything on this site that I haven’t had time to read yet and….. 🙂 Please pardon my enthusiasm, but how fun that some of my favorite Horde commentators are off to the races here!

  8. Its too bad I never went to college. I missed a chance to major in Trans-Lesbian Mongolian Literature. I coulda been a Barista!!

  9. These are the same people clamoring for $15/hr minimum wage. And it has to be because they are aware that McDonald’s is where they’re going to land with these worthless degrees.

    Of course, they’ll find that Johnny Touchscreen has already replaced them, but that’s a celebration for another day.

  10. He’ll $15 is more than I made out of college with a STEM degree. Lab automation is still probably decades out from replacing what I did, but it certainly shrunk the size of laboratories over the years. (Being able to run a PCR by loading a box and going home for the night, vs. Standing over a series of water baths moving tubes around for hours.)

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