Freedom Is Often Rather Stupid Looking

Bat Yam FairThe artistic tradition in Israel is strong and, because it is a modern country beset with all of the usual post-modern cultural crap, it has performances like the one above; from a street fair in Bat Yam a bunch of “artists” dressing up in onesies and prancing about like children. I have contempt for most of this kind of “art,” because it is intellectually flaccid, and it usually devolves into some kind of criticism of classical Western art and culture, not to mention the obligatory shots at “sexism,” “racism,” and “alligatorism,” for all I know.

But….would this happen in Iran or Pakistan or KSA or Syria or the West Bank or Gaza?


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  1. I can still mock it right? Because I mean this:
    “The festival described the performance saying, ‘concealing one’s unique identity stretches the borders of existing reality, playing with it, mocking it and facilitating an examination of our connections with the self and the other when we lack distinct individual identity.'”

    Which is really just Post-modern speak for “when I hide my face, I can do embarrassing things without being recognized!”

  2. “Intellectually flaccid” it is, and more people agree than you might think, CBD, but they are baffled (and impressed) by the accompanying bullshit jargon.

    Let the Fine Arts Critic of the New York Times hail a stultifying awful performance like this one as “pressing boundaries” or “establishing a new ethos” or words to that effect, and the rubes are enthralled. PBS Specials and coffee-table books ensue….

    The first plain-spoken philosopher who is willing to take on the gargantuan task of debunking the essential fakery of the Artistic Class will be enshrined in the Pantheon of Heroes.

  3. Once you’ve seen a woman knit a sweater from a ball of yarn crammed up her vagina, all other performance art just looks like retards jumping around.

    You can’t top Vagina Sweater. No one can.

  4. What about Vagina Painter? Squatting over a canvas and squeezing out paint from her snatch? That was pretty damned impressive.

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