Why I Don’t Care That Europe Dies (and Why I Hate That That’s Wrong)

"We have embarked upon a great crusade…"

“We have embarked upon a great crusade…”


About 30 years ago, my mother made a pilgrimage to central Europe to take my dad to Vienna, to see where she worked in the labor brigades clearing bomb damage and then on to Auschwitz. Oddly, my mother was interned at the infamous Mauthausen concentration camp but couldn’t bear the thought of returning to the site where she spent nearly a year in hell on earth. My dad, who is first generation American, was sobbing so horribly when he entered the gate at Birkenau that my mother was scared he would have a heart attack.

But the incident I want to describe is what she saw in Vienna. It was every bit the picture postcard, charming, central European capital that one imagines it would be; winding streets, cafés, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Kunsthistorisches, trams, the Danube (one can almost hear a Strauss waltz playing) – the “kultur.” But one thing immediately caught my mother’s attention. As she and dad walked along the Ringstrasse, she saw a distinct presence of Muslims (certainly not to the extent there is today, to be sure) as well as the noticeably apprehensive reaction of the locals.

My mother actually snickered and said something to the effect of “The bastards couldn’t wait to get rid of us and now they have this. Good.” Lest we forget, Austria was the birthplace of Hitler, and in March of 1938, when he engineered the “anschluss” or the absorption of Austria into the Reich, a wave of unprecedented Jew-baiting and anti-semitic violence was unleashed that would only be exceeded by “Kristallnacht” eight months later (the Final Solution notwithstanding).

Vienna: Come for the pastry, stay for the Jew-baiting

Vienna: Come for the pastry, stay for the Jew-baiting


Which brings us to the present day. Wave after wave of “refugees” are fleeing Syria and North Africa in an attempt to escape the ravages of sectarian conflict and live a safe existence in Europe. At least this is what we are told which, as with virtually everything being sold to us by the legacy media is not what’s actually happening. A year ago, ISIS declared itself a caliphate and proclaimed its intentions to conquer Rome, Spain and Jerusalem.  Despite the trail of blood and violence left in its wake in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and North Africa, the west and America have chosen to ignore it. In fact, the Obama administration has continued to boast about the fact that they have degraded and defanged ISIS despite reports now coming to the surface about whistelblowers in the intelligence community claiming that the administration is whitewashing the very real and growing danger posed by this group.

That complaint was supported by 50 other analysts, some of whom have complained about politicizing of intelligence reports for months. That’s according to 11 individuals who are knowledgeable about the details of the report and who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity.

Pfft! JV Team Smack Talk.

Pfft! JV Team Smack Talk.


But, surely the people fleeing in droves are refugees desperate to escape the rapes, the beheadings and the butchery of the Syrian civil war? Eh, not so much. I’m sure most of you have seen this tragic photo, which has quickly become the equivalent of the naked, napalmed Vietnamese girl from 1972.

Tragic. On so many levels.

Tragic. On so many levels.


Heartbreaking to be sure, but not because of a desperate man wanting to save his family, but of a greedy inconsiderate bastard who wanted to sponge off of the German welfare state in order to get free dental care, and got his wife and kids killed in the process. He wasn’t even living in Syria; he was in Turkey for the past few years. But the press as well as European and American politicians now have a handy poster child to shove in our faces as a ready excuse to open our borders.  “For the Children” strikes again.

The number of migrants attempting the dangerous crossing has soared in the past two years, from about 22,000 in 2013 to about 380,000 so far this year. Seventy-two percent of them are adult men, while just 13 percent are women and 15 percent are children,the U.N. has calculated, based on reports from governments and the media.

Which brings me back to ISIS announced battle plan from last year. Look at this statistic. 72% of that figure are adult men, and most are young men of military age.  Forget the Higgins boats; the first waves of ISIS soldiers are no doubt in Europe as we speak, and the guilt-ridden Germans and other insane European countries are eager to open their arms and let more in. And now, President Obama, with a chorus of the usual leftists and even some in the GOP (shocking, I know) are proclaiming that America should take in some of these innocent refugees.

Senator Chris Murphy (D) CT wants not only to bring upwards of 50,000 of these people here, without any sort of way to vet them (as if we do that anyway on our southern border), he wants to give them money.

‘If we want credibility in the region, then we have got to be seen as a partner in trying to solve this humanitarian crisis’

If America is to stop ISIS’s expansion, we must ensure the migrants flooding into Europe receive some social welfare benefits, said Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) on Fox News Sunday. “The fact is, is that when there isn’t help for these refugees from the United States or our partners, they turn to others that are offering help, like ISIS, like al-Qaeda, to give them the paycheck, to give them nutritional benefits for their kids,” Murphy argued.  “If we are not on the ground helping in some way, shape or form then ultimately, we are just pushing a lot of these individuals into the hands of our enemy,” he cautioned.

Wait, money? To Europe?! I thought European countries have oodles of cash because of the raging success of the socialist model. What about all that fabulous, free Deutschland dental care? So, bad enough that we are letting a potential invading army into Europe and soon enough the USA without any vetting whatsoever, but we have to PAY the invaders too? If America is to stop ISIS’s expansion, Senator, maybe we should not be allowing them into the country en masse in the first place. Maybe the administration should actually be bombing the living crap out of them. Maybe the administration should not have abandoned Iraq and the Middle East over the last 6 years.

Before I completely rage-stroke, let’s circle back to momma Sefton’s remark. She once let fly a similar comment, to the effect of “We should never have rebuilt Europe. We should have let the Russians take the whole thing and plow it under.” My reaction at the time was one of shock. I mean, I could understand her hatred of a continent and culture that allowed and in many cases was complicit in the annihilation of 6 million Jews, which capped off over 1,000 years of crusades, pogroms, ghettos, the Inquisition and 3rd class (at best) citizenship, but surely times have changed? But years later, in the cold light of day, maybe she was right, vis a vis its relation to us, the State of Israel and the decline and fall of the Scottish Enlightenment. Maybe if western Europe had suffered the same fate post-1945 as eastern Europe, the tearing down of the Iron Curtain would have left a continent that actually is grateful to us, the concept of real freedom and perhaps more amenable to its Christian roots, and therefore more willing to defend itself from cultural invasion and annihilation.

I have no love for Europe. It has demonstrated time and time again that it has not changed its attitudes towards America, Jews and Israel. In its zeal to allegedly repent for what happened between 1933 and 1945, it is now willing to grease the skids of genocide against the very people it claims to regret greasing the skids of genocide for 70 years earlier (see BDS, Iran deal) as well as commit mass national suicide with the influx of alien cultures and people who have no desire to assimilate (sound familiar?).

But I grew up with a love of Michelangelo and Picasso, Mozart and Debussy, the works of Shakespeare and Evelyn Waugh, the streets of Barcelona and London, the food of Italy and Spain, the majesty of the Norwegian fjords and the Andalusian countryside. As morally bankrupt and insane as that continent and culture may be, the thought of Westminster, St. Peter’s Basilica and Notre Dame turning into the next Hagia Sofia sends a chill down the spine – mostly because it is sure to be a harbinger for this nation.



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  1. I’m a bit of a Europhile — my work took me to various countries there over the years — and am not happy with what it has become in the face of the Muslim invasion. It is difficult for me to reconcile what I see and read now with my memories of the past.

    That said, the needle on my sympathy meter scarcely twitches when I consider the result of what, in essence, Europe and now the U.S.A. have been building up to over the last seven years and more.

    In a sense, it’s like looking at a good friend who has become a strung-out junkie, living on handouts and theft. The beauty and culture of Europe — minus, of course, the antisemitism which I sometimes think is really no worse there than here — deserves to be saved. But it needs to be saved by sensible, hardworking Europeans. Not us. If they choose to surrender (by whatever means) to the foul hordes from the Middle East, it’s on them.

    We can’t even keep our own house in order, and are in no position to be both the world’s policeman and its nanny.

    Ten years ago, when my passport was being filled with entry stamps from many wonderful nations, I would have argued with Ma Sefton’s assessment. Not now. It breaks my heart to say that.

  2. No, JJ, she didn’t put a curse on Europe. They did — and are doing — that to themselves.

    America needs to pay attention to that. And beware.

  3. It just is so sad that like you, I love Europe, and yet for its sins hate it with every fiber of my being. What a waste.

  4. I have significant connections in France….friends, family, and memories of visiting from when I was a young child to just recently.

    But I do not fool myself that there is a place for me there. I am a Jew, and I will be scapegoated, marginalized and, perhaps murdered if it is convenient.

    That those who will do the murdering are Muslims instead of Germans is not particularly important.

  5. This is a great commentary, and it breaks my heart. The world is being weighed in these Days of Awe, and I fear it will be found wanting~

  6. The thing to remember about Western Europe is this: the ones with courage/resolve/stones – The Mamma Seftons of the world- mostly immigrated / left/ got out a long time ago. Who remained have none of those qualities necessary to defend themselves and Western Civilization.

  7. Like it or not, it is an accident of birth and history that my roots are European, at least on my mom’s side as far back as 500 years in Hungary and before that Spain for I don’t know how long. Add to it the Judeo part of Judeo-Christian and Western Civilization is part and parcel of my DNA.

    It is at once strange and tragic to see it burn, when at the same time smiling as I see film footage of the 8th Air Force pulverize Dresden, Berlin and half a hundred other places.

    And when Europe sinks into what Churchill described as a new dark, we over here are not far behind, whether that dark age is Leftist or Islamic or perhaps for a time both. Until each of those start killing each other.

    If I’m not dead and rotting in a mass grave, I will get the popcorn and watch the game.

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