Nobel panel saw Obama peace prize as ‘mistake,’ new book claims – Washington Times

The former director of Norway’s Nobel Institute revealed this week that he regrets the committee’s decision to give the 2009 Nobel Peace award to President Obama.

Source: Nobel panel saw Obama peace prize as ‘mistake,’ new book claims – Washington Times

Do you think? I have a question: what the hell is wrong with these people?

Geil Lundestad, director at the institute for 25 years, said in his just-published memoir that he and the committee had unanimously decided to grant the award to Mr. Obama just after his election in 2009 more in hopes of aiding the American president to achieve his goals on nuclear disarmament, rather than in recognition of what Mr. Obama had already accomplished.

Achieve his goals on nuclear disarmament? What goals would those be?  Leave aside the question of whether Norway’s views on, well, anything, budge the needle anywhere on this planet, and consider the more apposite question: when did Obama make nuclear disarmament one of his goals? Did he mumble it as some point, in between geopolitical and economics gaffes, and they took it seriously? I don’t recall his ever making a point of talking about this. Blaming America for the world’s ill, sure. Blaming white Americans for, well, pretty much everything, of course. Flouting his ignorance of, inter alia, geography, history, economics, American law, and English syntax? Lots of times. But nuclear disarmament? I can’t think of a single instance, and it certainly wasn’t a focus of his campaign.

And that was for good reason: nuclear disarmament isn’t a major issue just now. Stopping nuclear proliferation is, to be sure, but what little Obama has done in connection with nuclear weapons is quite to the contrary (hi, Iran!). But nuclear disarmament implies that the countries in question already have nuclear weapons. Do the Norwegians seriously think that any nuclear power is voluntarily going to give up nuclear weapons? Russia? China? Pakistan? India? Please. Are the Norwegians retarded, or caught in a time warp, or both? Perhaps they watched Dr. Strangelove too many times, and had a collective identity crisis.

Looking back over Mr. Obama’s presidency, Mr. Lundestad said, granting him the award did not fulfill the committee’s expectations.

OK, this quote alone makes out a strong case for “retarded.” What kind of idiot provides the reward first, in hopes that the recipient will later live up to it? How do Norwegians train their dogs – give them the treat first, then ask them to roll over?

Let’s strip away the BS. The Norwegians gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama because he’s black(ish), and they wanted to show they were totally not racist. Period. And they did it to assuage their white guilt, which Norwegians experience for reasons only they know.

Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, had done nothing whatsoever to warrant it at the time, and everything he has done subsequently argues that his receiving it was a huge mistake. Rather like his candidacy for the Presidency in that regard.

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  1. Well, they likely also projected their own desires and aspirations on “blank slate” (not really, but that’s how he was marketed) Candidate Dog-Eating Cokehead, so there’s that.

    And Obama hasn’t deserved a single thing in this like that he’s been handed. Likely hasn’t done a day’s honest work in his half-century of life, either …

    Now? Now I’m depressed. Moreso.


  2. Way to devalue the Nobel Prize, guys. I seem to recall that Teddy Roosevelt won for forcing the Russians and Japanese to meet and end their war. So far as I’ve seen, Choom Boy has done nothing but start and continue wars.

    As for “nuclear disarmament”? Here again, President Historic First fails miserably. His policies and actions are leading to a third-world thug terrorist nation (Iran) getting nukes. You might also say his antisemitic beliefs have made Israel more adamant about keeping theirs.

    It’s just another chapter in the Book of Failure and unearned privilege that is the Mocha Messiah’s life story.

  3. Now for a bonus question: who has handed him so many things? His life story – which is incredible on its face – strongly suggests that a lot of strings got pulled in the background. No one in human history has had that kind of consistent luck; such a string of happy outcomes without apparent effort is more consonant with machination.

  4. Some of the other “notables” who have won the award include Le Duc Tho, Rigoberto Menchu and Yasser Arafat. Meh, let him keep it.

  5. Jay Guevara — I wish I knew specific names. Only nebulous (but considering Shit Midas’ actual ability, pretty likely) theories on Middle Eastern money, Saudi possibly.

    I agree, the skids were greased for the Chicago Jesus, because he lacks any kind of real ability or work ethic.

  6. Probably the MoBros, AceThePug. One of Obama’s half-brothers is known to have connections with them.

  7. Yeah, Soros the Nazi definitely, and the MoBros sound very likely — pity we don’t have a, whatchamacallit, a MEDIA or something to dig for things like this 😛

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