The Only Rational Response To Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei

incredible-ps-vita-wallpaper-mushroom-cloudHe pledged, “there will be no Israel in 25 years.”

Israel should state unequivocally, clearly and calmly….”Then there will be no Iran in 25 years and one day.”

That the world glosses over this existential threat to Israel — the last hope for the Jewish people — is prima facie evidence of the bitter hatred that the intelligentsia feel toward Jews, Judaism and Israel. The Holocaust has faded into the haze of history, and can be conveniently ignored, or even denied, all on the basis of those uppity, arrogant Jews who insist upon living and thriving in spite of the world’s desire to destroy them. It must infuriate those who wish ill upon the Jews that Israel has survived four major wars and a host of smaller engagements. In addition to its obvious enemies, It has survived the opprobrium of the United Nations for most of its existence, the hatred of the new left, not to mention the disgust of the NY Times!

Come to think of it, an even more rational response would be: “Then there will be no Iran in 24 years,364 days.”

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  1. Amen. I understand Israel’s reluctance to turn Iran into a glowing, glass-top parking lot before today, but I would hope their patience is wearing very thin.

    Cheerleaders for a return to the Seventh Century — with Choom Boy at their head — threaten that Israel will become a World Pariah if it fights for its own survival. When will the leadership in Jerusalem realize that, for all intents and purposes, the savages who lead the anti-Semites already see them that way? What is there to lose?

  2. Israel’s choice is between survival and, as you point out, rejection by the rest of the world.

    But it’s a Hobson’s Choice…..

    In the past, Israel flirted with both; accepting a level of death and destruction that they thought could prevent, or at least minimize organized political attacks. But with a nuclear Iran, the calculation has to change.

    The only choice is survival.

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