Sex Reassignment Good: Gender Therapy Bad?

Please, someone explain why these things are different.

Actually, gender therapy is essentially talk therapy aimed at pushing gay teenagers toward heterosexuality. Sex reassignment is horribly mutilating surgery and drug therapy aimed at changing something that is immutable: phenotype, which is simply put, the physical expression of one’s genetic makeup.

So they are different. One is nagging, the other is often life-ending interference. What? Oh….yeah. 40%+ of transgenders attempt suicide. But our benevolent government, in its infinite wisdom has decided that the politically correct but brutal and dangerous sex reassignment is to be celebrated, but the possibly worthless but also not particularly harmful gender therapy is to be vilified and, ultimately banned.

There is no evidence to support the use of conversion therapy, and furthermore, the practice is potentially harmful, according to the report, which was developed with the help of a July 2015 panel of experts convened by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Some of the potential harms include increases in depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and poor self-esteem, said Judith Glassgold, associate executive director of the APA’s government relations office in Washington, D.C.

Those negative mental health effects may contribute to substance abuse and risky sexual behaviors by some youngsters, she said.

Lots of words like “potential,” and, “may” in this quotation. Nothing about a 41% suicide attempt rate though…..

it is interesting and disturbing that the first American center for sex reassignment  stopped doing it, and one of their psychiatrists, in fact the former chief of the department, says:

“Policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

We do a grave disservice to those who have what is so obviously a psychiatric condition…body dysmorphia. We don’t humor people who have other forms of body dysmorphia, like anorexia. We treat them. We try to save them.

Whether Gender Therapy is a good thing remains to be seen. But one would think that giving wide latitude to parents in the absence of clear evidence of harm would be a reasonable thing.

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  1. The transexual movement is one of two things:

    1. It is a body-image disorder, and should be treated just like we treat anorexia, where objective reality is correct and the mental image is incorrect.

    2. It is a religious cult, based on the idea that a soul can be born into the wrong body. Given that souls are not scientific, but a spiritual belief, the movement should be treated as any other religion – subject to the separation of Church & State, forbidding the creation of laws to give them undo advantages or disadvantages against other religions. (Creating separate restrooms for them in government buildings, or allowing their beliefs to change their sex on their documents is right out.)

    Those are the only rational choices, and when you offer them to a Leftist, they go nuclear. It’s hilarious.

  2. Under either option, using taxpayer funds to make their outward appearance match their beliefs is so far out of bounds as to be laughable.

  3. There is a third possibility: It is a political movement designed to break down the resistance to leftist thought and methods.

    The numbers of transsexuals are vanishingly small, yet they are front and center in any discussion of sexual rights…..

    They are a tool with which the left breaks down Judeo-Christian mores.

  4. “They are a tool with which the left breaks down Judeo-Christian mores.”

    Agreed. They are a useful tool for agitation, but will be among the first exterminated if the Reds ever actually achieve control.

  5. Funny thing, NPR’s Fresh Air (I know I know, but know they enemy and all that) today had a family on with a Transgendered (Boy to Girl) child. (Not the insufferably everywhere “Jazz.”)

    They even said the experts told them to keep things gender neutral and wait and see (i.e. a cautious approach since many kids outgrow these feelings.)
    But that “didn’t make her happy” according to them, so they ignored it and started putting the kid in dresses.

    On the off chance you find a cautious practitioner (given the current state of the field unlikely) apparently you just ignore them or some such.
    (Bonus round: Kid was a twin, making one wonder what factors were at play here.)

  6. “…what factors were at play here?”

    Maybe mom and dad are acting out their own political philosophy through their innocent children.

    Child Protective Services…where are you?

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