Trey Gowdy need only ask one question tomorrow of Hillary

Ok, to be fair, one question and depending on the answer one or two follow-ups.

There’s been a lot of talk (Screw you Kevin McCarthy) over whether or not this is a political inquiry. To which the answer is: No, except that Hillary made it one by looking out for her political future over the safety of our ambassadors. In the end this is not about Hillary as a presidential candidate but about accountability.

So the most important question to be asked tomorrow (meaning it won’t be) is:

  • As Secretary of State weren’t you responsible for the safety of our ambassadors?

If she says “Yes, I was.” Then ask “Do you take responsibility for these deaths then?” and “Is that why all the misdirection and cover-up after the fact? Because you failed at your responsibility and was worried about how that would affect your future run for president?”

If she says “No.” (Which is likely, she’s Hillary after all.)  Then say “Then who was responsible? And didn’t you choose those people to hold those roles?”

That’s it. Honestly, nothing else matters.  Either our government officials are responsible for their actions or no one is and we might as well just have a random lottery to determine who gets to sit in the big chairs every few years.

4 comments to “Trey Gowdy need only ask one question tomorrow of Hillary”
  1. Well said. I’d suggest starting with the general premise: who is responsible for the safety of our ambassadors?

    This to some extent begs the question, because it presupposes that SOMEONE is, but it’s a tough one for Hillary to answer, since she can’t say “nobody.” So what can she say? The ambassadors themselves are responsible? The Diplomatic Security Service? Both are subordinate to the Secretary of State.

    Then drill down to her specific performance, having established the basic premises of the discussion, and (presumably) her agreement to them.

  2. I worry that would allow Hillary to punt to “the military” or “DoD” in a warzone.
    But it’s not a bad idea.
    It’s also not as pity which is why I did what I did 😉

  3. If Shrillery was responsible for the Benghazi debacle, she is too stupid and corrupt to hold ANY public office. On the other hand, if she was merely parroting the orders of Choom Boy, she is merely too corrupt and stupid to hold public office. In either case, she deserves to be imprisoned, and for a good long time.

    All that said, my gut tells me Gowdy is going to go full-wimp at the hearing, and lob softballs to the next President Historic First.

  4. I appreciate Gowdy’s efforts, but most of the questions will be like, “Remember the cookie recipes you shared during your husband’s presidency? Do you still make those?” And that’s from the GOP. I refuse to watch her strip for a tongue bath from the Dems. That’s Lovecraftian mind-blasting horror, right there.

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