The Rights of “Transgenders” Trump The Rights Of All Others

porkys-peepholeIn our increasingly Kafka-esque country, the right of a high school student who “identifies” as a girl to use the girl’s locker room in his high school is being supported by the Federal Department of Education. Ignoring the insanity of this support, I am embarrassed that I never thought of this scam as a way to see naked chicks!

This boy is genetically male, has male genitalia, yet because he has decided to “identify” as a girl he gets to check out the hotties in his high school? This is brilliance. I have no doubt that this fellow is destined for greatness, or at least a scholarship to an Ivy…..probably Brown University, because they dig this kind of lunacy. I hope he doesn’t settle for one of the second-tier asylums like Oberlin, where he won’t get the publicity he so richly deserves.

Imagine being the parents of one of the girls attending this high school….You have tried your best to protect your child from the encroachment of the hypersexualized world in which we live. You assumed that she would be safe in school, and certainly when she is showering after softball or basketball practice. And along comes the Department of Education; a federal cabinet-level department that is charged with improving education in America. And with the full weight of the federal leviathan behind them they insist that your daughter be ogled by a deluded, deeply troubled young man who is in dire need of psychotherapy, not support for and celebration of his psychiatric disorder.

Have we reached peak insanity? I cannot see this progressing much farther down the rabbit hole. If it does, I am going to start self-identifying as a transgender lesbian supermodel and insist on being included in the Victoria’s Secret photo shoots.

2 comments to “The Rights of “Transgenders” Trump The Rights Of All Others”
  1. Were I an enterprising young high school horndog, I would “identify” as a girl to gain access to the girl’s shower. Easier than cutting a hole in the wall to peep through.

    But, being the father of two girls, if they were enrolled at this school I would surely be arrested for my reaction to this insanity. Good thing they graduated H.S years ago.

  2. “You assumed that she would be safe in school, and certainly when she is showering after softball or basketball practice.”

    Safe from heterosexual advances at any rate. After softball or basketball practice, the coaches for which are in the sweet spot of the Subaru demographic, I dunno …

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