Next Up: Label Jews, As Well As Their Products

Holocaust_Yellow_BadgeIn a new low for the European Union’s Jew-haters, they have “recommended member states label the origin of goods imported from West Bank settlements, a move that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned as “hypocritical.”

Next up, tasteful badges for Europe’s remaining Jews, so that the post-modern Nazis of the continent can elegantly and subtly boycott everything remotely Jewish or Israeli. Maybe John Galliano can design them!

It’s a natural extension of their charming unpleasantness in 1933-1945. They will never forgive us for not all dying in the gas chambers, but they are certainly giving it their all to complete the destruction of world Jewry.

One comment to “Next Up: Label Jews, As Well As Their Products”
  1. Nothing more than I would expect. The “upside” — if you can call it that — is that the current crop of Euroweenies don’t have the guts to go much farther than “symbolic” acts; their predecessors were more, shall we say, action-oriented.

    But change is coming. The flood of Muzzies now taking over Europe are not quite as shy about taking drastic measures. They will not be content to paste labels on Israeli products and mock Jews.

    And violent anti-Semitism, like Eddie Murphy, is Coming to America. It starts the same way: liberal do-gooders mount their whiny protests, followed by a more robust reaction from their new Muzzie BFFs. In fact, the whiny-liberal part is already going on.

    All the while, we — yes, Tonto’s line from the hoary old gag comes to mind — counsel “tolerance” and “patience” and “understanding.” In short, American Jews, like their forebears in 1930s Europe, are once again being played for chumps.

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