5 immigration myths debunked in (just over) 5 minutes

Nothing to add here; this guy pretty much says it all.

Also check out the other videos he’s posted under the “Rebel Media” rubric.

And another on the same topic.

As an aside, I’m delighted to find the green shoots of alternative media starting to spring up. I  think we would do well to spread the word about Rebel Media, since what I’ve seen so far has been excellent.

8 comments to “5 immigration myths debunked in (just over) 5 minutes”
  1. Unpopular opinion here, I’m sure, but McInnes’s focusing on accents to support his theory that immigrants don’t “assimilate,” whatever that means, is ignorant and flawed.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has an accent. Some of the (great) doctors I’ve been to have an accent. Many people that I’ve worked with in 30 years have accents. Hundreds of kids I went to school with had accents, and their parents, even more so. Countless hard working restaurant workers have an accent. Having an accent has nothing to do with anything, and certainly has nothing to do with this idea of assimilation.

    I sometimes enjoy him on Red Eye, but his pomposity, and in this case, thinly veiled intolerance, often clouds his message. Intolerance is something the left should wallow in.

    And fuck that mustache and him touching his face all the time on camera. There’s a CAMERA on you. Stop touching your face.

  2. Yeah…the mustache masturbation is a bit much.

    But….his point about accents is not that they are bad, but they are a sign that assimilation is an unacceptable accommodation to American values.

  3. Is Schwarzenegger’s accept a sign that assimilation to American “values” is unacceptable to him? Is my barber’s accent a sign of the same lack of acceptance to American “values.” My house cleaner, the same?

    Can you define “American values” in this context? I guess they include losing your accent or feel the burn of an intolerant and childish mustache fondler?

  4. You do realize that this video may be a tad hyperbolic?

    But….during the first and second great waves of immigration, speaking as an “American” was considered something for which one should strive.

    Those immigrants have been successful. Yes, correlation and causation are not the same things, but it is an interesting observation on McInnes’ part.

  5. In his cab fantasy, the savage in question was actually speaking “American.” Mustache diddler was specifically referring to the savage’s accent.

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