Hitler Youth Meets The Red Guard: American Universities Stoop To New Lows

adolf-hitler-with-hitler-youth-everettIn America’s newest fascistic movement we have eery echos of the past…specifically the Hitler Youth movement and the lesser known Red Guards of Mao Tse-Tung’s* cultural revolution. Of course the Nazi and Red Chinese youth were much younger than our post-pubescent storm troopers of academia, but the trend in the West has been to delay maturity and adulthood for as long as possible, so the typical BlackLivesMatter member is about the intellectual and emotional equivalent of a 14 year old Hitler Youth or Red Guard.

But their tactics are similar….threats of violence, rigid enforcement of uniformity of thought, and savage attacks on any counter-revolutionary attempts to moderate their behavior. What strikes me as the real difference is that our current crop of budding fascists are ignorant of history, and ignorant of their conspicuous rejection of the freedom that has allowed them to do what they are doing. At least a Red Guard could quote from the Little Red Book, and any self-respecting Hitler Youth member could belt out long passages from Hitler’s speeches and writing.

I feel cheated!

*I’ll spell it any way I damned well please. Hear that, Peking?

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  1. In other words, the typical BLM member is one of Choom Boy’s uncritical, adoring followers?

    Makes sense to me. The left in particular seems to have a real need to attach itself to messianic figures, and/or invent causes on which to vent their Righteous Anger where none exist.

  2. Obama’s presidency has many invented causes for which the solution is catastrophically bad for America.

    Endemic racism. Health care crisis. The humanitarian disaster of not allowing open borders. The list goes on and on and on…..

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