Rotiserrie Pork Rib Roast…Because There Is More To Life Than Politics!

Chardonnay-brined bone-in pork roast.

Brined for two days, then smeared with a nice herb and Dijon mustard mixture

I cooked it on a rotiserrie at 400 degrees for about 85 minutes, then let it rest in the cooling grill.

A bit too well-done for me, but it was marvelously juicy and flavorful, with a nice crusty exterior. Definitely a keeper. And…needless to say…much better than turkey.

2 comments to “Rotiserrie Pork Rib Roast…Because There Is More To Life Than Politics!”
  1. Looks terrific, CBD!

    What does the rotisserie cooking method add to this dish? Just curious if you cooked over wood or charcoal or gas, for example.

    You would like it here in Kentucky (hint, hint) — the pork we have available is outstanding, even the pork chops we get at our local Kroger are among the best I’ve ever had.

  2. It self-bastes, which is a big time saver, and it browns and crisps evenly, unlike in a roasting pan in an oven.

    And the big one is that it freed up the oven for that stupid waste of space….the turkey.

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