Sorry Ace, Sharia Is Not Simply A “strange political arrangement”

Ace of Spades is usually and correctly reflexively pro-freedom, and very sensitive to attacks on it, so this surprised me.

Ace is comparing Sharia law to political philosophies that are on the continuum, ignoring the fact that Sharia is all the way over on the end of the graph. You know, where totalitarians hang out. This isn’t libertarians agitating for pot legalization or conservative Christians fighting for a strict definition of marriage. This is stoning to death adulterers. This is chopping the hands off of thieves.

Sharia law is brutal subjugation of the human spirit, and it is total. There is no reprieve from Sharia. Once it is in place it is the only law. When Muslims say they want Sharia law, they don’t mean that they just want a Sharia compliant option, they mean that they want everyone to be governed by the laws of Islam.

Within regions, support for enshrining sharia as official law is particularly high in some countries with predominantly Muslim populations, such as Afghanistan and Iraq. But support for sharia is not limited to countries where Muslims make up a majority of the population. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, Muslims constitute less than a fifth of the population in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia,Mozambique and Uganda; yet in each of these countries, at least half of Muslims (52%-74%) say they want sharia to be the official law of the land.

Free speech? Gone. Freedom of religion? Gone. Free association? Gone. Pretty much everything that has made Western culture successful will be ground down under the lash (literally!) of Islamic law. So considering it just one of many political ideas is dangerous and naive, even if it seems for now that Sharia is an impossibility in the West. When the majority of a large and fast growing religion want it, we should pay attention.

And why are the many Muslim terror organizations doing what they do? it is not to take over the West so that they can shop at Nordstrom and have 200 channels of TV. The Caliphate is simply Sharia law writ large. And that is their goal. Sharia and Salafi Jihadism cannot be separated.

[Ace has graciously allowed me to pontificate on Ace of Spades as an “open blogger,” and has tolerated my missteps too (semen-froth Margarita anyone?), so I hope that my biting the hand that feeds me doesn’t get me tossed out on my ear.]


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  1. It does seem a bit crazy to believe that sharia is anything other than repression thinly veiled as
    religion – beware men who say they know God’s

  2. Yah.

    Pope Leo XIII famously stated that ‘it is impossible to be a true Catholic AND a true socialist.’

    It is also impossible to be a true Muslim AND swear allegiance to the US Constitution.

  3. CBD, all you have to do is read what the muzzies say about pisslam. There is no moderate pisslam, there is no radical pisslam, there is only pisslam.

    A ‘radical’ muzzie wants to behead you today, while a ‘moderate’ muzzie only pays to support the ‘radical’ who wants to cut your head off.

  4. Adherent Muslims apparently consider democracy blasphemous, as it places the voter in place of Allah, who should be the ultimate and only decision-maker.

    So, welcome aboard new Americans!

  5. I think you may be missing the point.

    I have never witnessed Ace doing anything but claiming that islam is a form of evil.

    What is strange is that Christianity is not a religion and a form of government dictating the laws of the land. Pisslam is trying to do both of those things, not just a strange political construct.

  6. I think he was just trying to be cute funny and clever with this particular passage on this particular day. He has no illusions about the evil nature of Sharia.

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