Yale University: An Idea Whose Time Is Past


That this videographer can find even one person who isn’t a cheerleader for the 1st Amendment on the campus of Yale University is shocking enough, but the glee and zeal these young fascist idiots display when presented with the idea that our second most important Amendment should be repealed is just unbelievable.

Perhaps it is time to consider the idea that our system of higher education, particularly in the Ivy League, is broken, and a better use of our education dollar would be to teach these luddites how to drive a fork lift and flip a hamburger.

2 comments to “Yale University: An Idea Whose Time Is Past”
  1. As some may know, I spent the last few weeks frantically tutoring the elder young Guevara in multivariable calculus. One takeaway: the era of sitting in a lecture theater is over. Khan Academy, the MIT course ware, and other sources are MUCH more effective, useful, and God knows, cheaper than the traditional model, which dates back to the late Middle Ages.

  2. The most intensive learning experience, by far, is the small class with no more than a dozen students, and an engaged instructor. Not a bored full professor teaching his 23rd Biochemistry class. Even the most animated and interested and well-prepared lecturers are merely providing what can be found in any good text book. It is a rare lecture indeed that can do more than a good text and a fast internet connection.

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