The Good News: 73% Of Palestinians Oppose The Participation Of Young School Girls In Stabbing Attacks

151009_stabbing_bigThe bad news? 67% support and 31% oppose use of knives in the current confrontations with Israel.

I guess we should be pleased that the Palestinians are solidly against children being used as pawns in their terrorist attacks. Although based on the education these kids are receiving, this is a decidedly mixed message. The vicious anti-Semitism being taught to Palestinian children is well documented, so my suspicion is that those 73% are simply saying what they think the West wants to hear. And their equally well documented use of children as terrorist tools seems to refute their high-minded claims on this survey.

3 comments to “The Good News: 73% Of Palestinians Oppose The Participation Of Young School Girls In Stabbing Attacks”
  1. Reminds me of Borat’s bragging about the new national swimming pool in Kazakhstan, from which they’d removed 80% of the solid human waste.

  2. I remind my own daughter every morning right after I give her her vitamin: “Remember honey: No knives in school today except for which to cut your sandwich.” Has our world lost its collective ability to judge thus control ones own behavior? Marx speaks of alienation from the product they produce which produces one’s own unhappiness. Perhaps while Arafat was depositing our taxpayer money into his wife’s and his Swiss Bank account he would have thought to give some to his citizenry and tell them where and from whom it came; then charity would have been met with gratitude and virtue would have been achieved. Same here at home. The prob w/ govt being the one handing out charity yields to entitlement re: ingratitude, and the couplet of virtue is broken and thus not accomplished. SO I submit we learn from GK Chesterton that each one of us takes care of one another. I say Here to take mine. You say Wow thanks and charity and gratitude meet virtue is achieved.

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