An Excellent Example Of The Establishmentarian Disease That Has Infected National Review

Kevin Williamson is a fine and witty writer whose observations are valuable. I read him often, and I am usually in agreement, or at least appreciate his arguments. And I happen to agree with his rather dim view of Donald Trump. But his willful refusal to see why Donald Trump is ascendent is indicative of the existential malaise in Republican establishment circles.


He told me to grow up. To control my emotions.

Gee dad, I’ll try to be more like you in the future. I promise I’ll support your pick for president, just like last time!

When the Republican establishment pays attention to the seething anger of its own, then we will see less of this kind of arrogant pomposity on the part of its town criers. But I am not going to be condescended to by the very establishment that is responsible for the existential crisis in America.

Over at Ace of Spades there is a spirited discussion about this very topic, and one commenter captured it rather well. Here is a bit of it…

Congratulations, pragmatists. You’ve pragmatically proven that my voice is meaningless and that you do, in fact, have the exact amount of contempt for me which I have always accused you of having.

A pox on it all.

And, as always, remember this. I’m not a Trump supporter. But I will be damned if I take any part in this joyous new era where I watch people become exactly the same kind of cunts towards one another that the Left has always been to us.

8 comments to “An Excellent Example Of The Establishmentarian Disease That Has Infected National Review”
  1. It’s amazing to me how willing someone who sells their thoughts for a living is to tell his customer to “grow up.”

    I’ve received 8 emails from National Review today. They’ve literally spammed my Inbox trying to get me to buy their product.

    Nyet interested.

  2. It’s fascinating that Williamson took time out of his life to respond in such a pointless and thoughtless way.

  3. Eventually the mask of the journalist comes off, and all too often what is revealed is a petulant, parochial, biased ignoramus.

  4. I knew he (Williamson) was an establishment sell out. I’ve argued this before on AoS Comments. This tweet is worth a thousand articles why Trump isn’t their guy. I’ve been pissed at the national GOP since 2005. Don’t tell me to grow up, Kev. I have boots older than you.

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