Miami-Dade Cops, And Their Union, Out Of Control? Say It Ain’t So!

1510417_421325764682994_5818120319961112225_nThe president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police Union, Javier Ortiz, has released identifying information about the woman who had the temerity to follow one of his union members because he was driving like an idiot, and then had the gall to criticize him for breaking the law!

What’s next Javier? Are you going to have your thugs follow her whenever she leaves her home? Maybe you can nail her for a rolling stop and then shoot her when she talks back?

This is an excellent example of why I have morphed from a law-and-order Republican into a man who is deeply suspicious of our law enforcement community. As I wrote six months ago, when cops protect their lawbreaking brethren, they are criminals too!

That cop should be issued a traffic ticket, and get a formal admonition from his department. But he won’t. They will close ranks, attack the woman who publicized his lawbreaking, and everything will return to normal.

But normal in America shouldn’t be a large, armed portion of society that feels like the laws apply only to others.

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  1. About ten years ago, I told a hippie client of mine that when the cops had lost someone as conservative as me, they had really screwed up.
    This editorial is dead on. That scumbag union rep should be doxxed and hounded in all possible ways.

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