The Media Needs To Stop Acting Like Cuba Is “quaint” By Choice

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. And I only saw one 3 minute clip from this show. NPR is even worse describing the pictures coming out of Cuba as “iconic” with “Obama and the First Lady walking down rain covered cobble stone streets.”

I forget who it was, I think it was Iowa Hawk, but I saw a tweet right after Obama announced his normalizing of relations that snarked something like “Quick get to Cuba before capitalism ruins its quaint nature!” (Implying of course this is how the liberals would act)

We’re faced again with that strange case of narrative abuse in journalism. Journalists are casting the state of Cuba as if it’s Mackinac Island, a place that decided to maintain it’s quaint charm, vintage cars (or in the case of Mackinac no cars at all), and architecture for aesthetic purposes. But that’s not the case. Cuba is where it is, because it’s a socialist hell hole mitigated only by the fact that it sits on some beautiful land. But such beauty cannot cover up what socialism has done.

Now the media will blame this on the embargo, but it’s pretty much the US holding that in place these days. And yes the US is a powerhouse, but the idea that Cuba couldn’t at least develop some tourism without us is…well insane.

Tangentially related I heard on NPR today that the congressional ban on turning over Guantanamo to the Cubans ends in October. Wouldn’t that be something, normalize relations, pull a “Panama Canal” with Guantanamo, then claim “see we have to empty the prison! It’s not ours anymore!” And Obama gets everything he’s ever wanted.

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  1. You ever get the feeling the GOPe leadership is walking in lockstep with dem leadership? Likely for personal gain even. What else explains the open borders, uncontrolled spending and lack of any restraint for same?

    In my era of getting to where I am today I delivered auto parts until I saw a sign on the side of the road to get work with the gas company for 50 cents more an hour. I laid gas lines (ditch digger) and moved up to meter reader. Saved some money and started a business with a friend and framed houses until the illegals came pouring in the early 80s, so I went to work as an a/c installer . When I was younger I mowed lawns, picked crops and pumped gas. When the mechanic at the gas station opened his own shop he hired me to work for him. All these jobs are apparently relegated to illegals now.

    I can still build a house without plans and I enjoy reviving long dead cars as a hobby. And it’s because I did those kind of things growing up. I never got poorer when I worked and I always learned something from every engagement.

    Why are our betters so against the things that made us who we are?

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