Why I Am Not A Trump Supporter

It is certainly not because he has confounded the Republican establishment at every turn! That amuses me to no end, and I hope that the precedent that he has set will continue until the Republican party has been purged of the professional political class that has done so much damage to our republic (no, I’m not holding my breath).

And I am also vastly amused by his apparent total lack of interest in paying obeisance to the Gods of The Mediaâ„¢. They simply can’t hurt him, can’t figure out why, and are tying themselves into knots. It’s glorious. That the media hasn’t figured out that what they claim as racist — his pronouncements about the criminal element crossing our borders — is a straightforward populist reaction to what many Americans see every day, is indicative of the media’s contempt for and ignorance of most of America.

Donald Trump’s policy papers on his website are pleasing, in particular his stout defense of the 2nd Amendment, and even his immigration stance is solid, ignoring the idiocy of making Mexico pay for the wall.

But….his VA reforms are a mass of platitudes. His tax plan is dangerous because he removes from the tax rolls the very people who need to be connected to our tax structure. Everyone should pay tax, including the working poor. 1%….2% whatever connects them to the reality of taxation.

As for U.S.-China trade reform? Smoot-Hawley called, they want in on the new depression.

Unfortunately none of this means much, because Donald Trump has already backed away or modified many of the the bold statements he made just a few months ago. “Ban Muslim immigration” has morphed into “let’s check their papers better.” And a careful reading and listening tells me that Trump is all for immigration, and used the violent predators being dumped here as the hobgoblin to attract attention. And it worked!

Mostly however I will not support Donald Trump for the Republican nomination because he has very little understanding of the complex issues that face us. His speeches are masses of platitudes and buzz words and phrases, calculated to gain attention, but reveal nothing. The man speaks in vapid generalities because he isn’t particularly well-read, has no insight into foreign policy, and spouts platitudes about profound Constitutional issues because he simply doesn’t know much about them.

Yes, I want an aggressive president who will tolerate no attacks on our sovereignty, by invasion over the border or militarily or political aggression. But legal immigration will destroy America too, just not quite as quickly. And a president who is infatuated with the deal over anything else is a danger to our allies and our traditional support around the world.

Donald Trump has demonstrated in his business dealings that the spirit of the contract is of zero importance, but in our dealings with our allies across the world, the spirit is everything. Shall we make a deal with Vladimir Putin? It might make sense to discard Ukraine. And Israel is a staunch ally, but throwing Israel to the wolves of the Arab world would simplify our dealings with them — for a little while — until they turn all of their attention to us.

Let us not forget that we are more than seven years into a presidency of a man whose attitude toward the rule of law is, to put it politely, flexible. Donald Trump has shown no interest in or respect for the restrictions placed on executive action by the Constitution. We are suffering the results of Obama’s lack of respect for the law. Does anyone really believe that Donald Trump is going to turn into a man whose actions will be informed by the Constitution? Let’s face it, when it comes to the law, Trump is Obama with funny hair.

One of my fellow bloggers made the point that:

…It really is maddening that so many people can be so blinded by a vulgarian celebrity who said a few magic words and touched a nerve, and yet completely poo-poo someone like Ted Cruz, the genuine article we’ve been waiting for for almost 30 years now.

He did indeed touch a nerve. And he has forced the media to recognize issues that were simply ignored or discarded just a few months ago. But the gadfly has done his work, and it is long past the time to allow other, better prepared (both in education and temperament) candidates to contest for the heart and soul of America.


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  1. You’re far more generous to Trump than I’ve ever been, but I take your points. Perhaps if I wasn’t so angry with the damage he’s doing I could even concede there was some good in his candidacy.

    That said, I’ve been loathe to commit to #NeverTrump, in part b/c I hate that sort of “club” but mostly b/c “sh1t happens” that, I suppose, make me pull the lever for him in the general.

    That was until yesterday when he flip-flopped on Israel/Pali within a 5 minute time-frame; gave a truly frightening, incoherent interview to the WaPo editorial board (on tape complete w/ transcript); supported Obama’s trip to Cuba (so he could build some hotels there); and seems to be going full Paulian in an isolationist world-view vis a vis NATO.

    So that’s it. I won’t vote for him. I’ll work my buns off for a third-party candidate, if it comes to that. But the guy is very bit as amoral (and immoral) as Hillary Clinton, every bit as vindictive and thin-skinned as Obama, and even more reckless than either of them.

  2. I only have one never. That is never #whoeverthedonktardis.

    Use your vote however you wish. Just accept what happens when your #nevertrump gives you some bitter fruit to eat.

  3. Yes but as I’ve noted elsewhere on this blog #neverhillary requires #nevertrump.

    Hillary is beaten by everyone BUT Trump.

  4. I remember when Trump was polling less than 2% Nationally. Why is Trump beating those that polls say will beat Madame Arf Arf?

  5. Because Trump is polling well with only a portion of the electorate: Republicans. If only Republicans voted in the general election it would be less important that Trump’s negatives are sky high with the people who vote in the general.

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