“Donald Trump Is For Women, He’s The Only GOP Candidate That Supports PP”

You’re the GOP frontrunner you say?

This is a more or less quote from a live CNN interview with Mary Kathrine Ham and a Trump surrogate. (Time 9:10ish CT. Please remember my editorial policy on live interviews.) She did try to qualify it by going on to try and distinguish between the “horrible” things and “good things.” But as we all know, even when places try to spin it at best PP is a merely a referrer service for the so called “good things.” (FFS, a simple telephone line could replace them for that.)

I think I’ve made the point before that Trump is merely the barometer for the group he’s pitching to at the moment. (We’re approaching 70 posts here for me, I can’t remember everything I’ve said.) As he moves into the general expect him to tack more and more left to try and grab alienated Sanders supporters. After all even NPR noticed the striking similarity in the themes of their messages. The most common theme is definitely a “you’re getting screwed by X” where “X” is either “illegals” or “Wall Street” and interestingly always includes “Trade agreements.”

How will Trump make this push? Well we’re seeing already in this statement. Trump’s surrogates are typically remarkably on message for a guy who himself is never on message. I highly doubt this was an off the cuff statement. Since, as I’ve noted, there isn’t really a conservative base.

Trump is what he always has been, a salesman, and the pitch is about to change for the new customer. Unless we stop him of course.