What of the GOPe if Trump Wins in November?

I’ll be honest, #NeverTrump losing steam at this point. Trump may just be the nominee. But does #GozerrTrump still in play (or was it ever?)

It’s conventional wisdom that Trump will be crushed in November, but this election cycle has also proven resilient to conventional wisdom. I tend to agree with Coblogger CBD that if Trump loses, the GOPe will use the loss to justify continuing to exist.┬áBut what if he wins?

November is an eternity away in national politics, Clinton is a weak candidate, and some of Trump’s rhetoric on things like trade put him more in line with the heavily union backed Sanders than traditional republican positions. Union support of democrats is usually a given, but what if there are two democrats running? What if Trump pulls together a populist coalition by moving left and making a play for disheartened Sanders voters?

Does any of this mean Trump will win, of course not. But I’m not ruling anything out anymore.

So, what happens if he does? Scanning the interwebs, I see some belief that even a Trump win destroys the GOPe as he runs roughshod over them reducing them to powerless nothings. But a major conservative complaint with the GOPe is that they will say anything and cut any deals just to maintain their phony baloney jobs. They aren’t interested in power (see: 2008-2010, where they had none) just staying employed. Given that, how is cutting a deal with Trump to keep getting a paycheck an unexpected outcome? It is in fact the entirely expected one.

I’m not sure Trump has all that much interest in governing. (He really is a mirror of Obama isn’t he?) So I would expect him to cut such a deal as well. Bascially Trump would usurp control of the GOPe, giving it continued existence.

Once Trump goes away in 4-8 years (8 is impossible you say? See Obama) the GOPe simply goes on doing what it did before (and during) Trump: existing for no other purpose than to draw a check.

[Ok, that’s enough politics for this week, I’ll see you all on the other side of my turkey hunting trip to the part of America that east coast liberals think doesn’t exist.]

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