Won’t Someone Think Of The Children?

No, really.

First off, sorry for the absence, end of semester wrap up. But there’s something I have to say. The NC bathroom law has dredged up a broader discussion, nay a push for acceptance of transgenderism. I’ve written before that it may be a postmodern bridge too far for many people. As I noted in that article, the “bathroom law” isn’t something I’m going to stand up and scream about in either direction. Charlotte, NC passed a stupid law, and the state passed a stupid law to try to fix it. Battles of stupid laws aren’t things I get involved in.

But I’m noticing that more and more places are using children as a way to tug at emotional heartstrings. Aside for “I am Jazz” on TLC (Totally (not) Learning Channel), CNN had a on air interview with a mother of a “transgendered” kid yesterday. I’m severely concerned by this.

Go read this article by the former Psychiatrist in Chief at Hopkins, I’ll wait.

Now go read just about any story of a transgendered kid, and you’ll see direct parallels to what McHugh talks about. Modern Psychiatry (at the pressing of the progressive left) is taking feelings of not belonging or various other anxieties, particularly those that focus around appearance, and turning them into a diagnosis of “transgendered” and going straight for the hormones and surgery.

The “Jenner Effect”

The whole Jenner thing is another attempt to normalize transgender and transgender surgery, by appealing to our love of celebrities. Let’s be clear, I’m not surprised that the left tried to use Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as a way to normalize transgender and more specifically the surgical option. I’m also not at all surprised by reports that there may be a “de-transition.” It fits exactly with the McHugh article. Whether Jenner has garden variety body dysmorphia, or autogynephilia, or whatever, the fact remains, sticking a set of bolt-ons to your chest and wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman any more than handing me a scepter and crown would make delusions of being the king of France true. (Although, it is France, so I could probably get them to surrender to me so…bad example.) Ultimately the costume wears thin. If you’re lucky someone will be there to help. If not…

Playing Russian Roulette with Kids lives

As the McHugh article notes, regardless of surgery, the transgender suicide rate remains shockingly high, and it’s fairly easy to see why. By playing into the postmodern delusion we effectively cease actually helping these people and instead indulge them until they can be indulged no more, and the mirage reaches its breaking point. And then everything becomes tumbling down.

If we look at this as it applies to children then, to be incredibly blunt, labeling a kid “transgender” is effectively a 50/50 shot at a death sentence. (McHugh puts the suicide rate at about 40%) This occurs because the fields that should be helping (namely psychiatry and psychology) abandon the patient to gobbledygook pseudo-medicine akin to abandoning a cancer patient to treatment with crystals. The only difference is, in this case, the real treatment (namely psychotherapy to deal with the underlying issues) is all but banned. By pushing the post-modern mess that is “gender fluidity” the medical field is actively harming kids who need their help, a violation of the very first principle of medicine: First, Do No Harm. By pushing this as “normal,” the entertainment-media complex is actively complicit in this. And those lucky enough to win the coin toss and live will still come out with severe emotional scars.

But in the current environment we cannot speak the truth. Instead we’re down to arguing over whether using the women’s bathroom is a civil right and whether the federal government can use its force to make you believe that. Indeed, by speaking the truth I have painted a target on my back. But I cannot remain silent any longer. This madness must end.



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  2. sometimes the science is settled and sometimes it’s not…

    In the case of AGW, the left declares it’s settled even though they have scant evidence to support their claims and plenty of evidence to debunk it. Doesn’t matter.

    Yet standard biology gets turned on its head to validate claims of physically being one sex yet ’emotionally feeling’ you are another or some such thing.

    The only common denominator is the push by the left to grab more dollars and create new victims. Same old methods to the same old means.

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