I Was Wrong About Trump

I have written several posts during this interminable primary season, mostly critical of Donald Trump. While my opinion of his politics and policies and temperament has not changed, I must admit that I was completely wrong about many things, foremost of which was his dedication to the race and his ability to slough off attacks from without, and miscues from within.

I find the idea of a Trump presidency profoundly depressing. He will undoubtedly disappoint me and most other conservatives by simply ignoring many of his policy pronouncements, or even worse, follow through on some of the idiotic ones. As for his adherence to the spirit of the Constitution? That won’t happen. We will be in for another four years of extra-legal maneuvering and manipulation by an executive who is unfettered by that quaint document.

But a Hillary Clinton presidency fills me with dread. Yes, a Trump presidency will be awful, but a Clinton presidency will be existentially bad.

So…..go Trump.

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  1. Bad enough we have nuts to the left of us and the GOPe. Now we have this. If he wins be prepared for his cult of Nationalist/Populists when you criticize him. I think there is a lot of conservatives that haven’t smelled what’s brewing amongst us. Other than down ticket, I’m sitting this one out.

  2. I am well aware of what Trump may do. But I am also well aware of what Hillary will do!

    But it sucks either way.

  3. As I said over at Ace’s place (and will get to devoting a post to here) this is a living variation of the Trolley Problem.

  4. @CBD-Just in case, I want to make clear that I’m not giving anyone that is reluctantly going to vote for Trump any grief. I’m well aware of what Hillary will do too, however if she loses the left is still there. They’re entrenched throughout the government system, Obama has seen to it. Yeah Trump attacks Hillary which is enjoyable for a moment, then its like ok what about the rest of the left? As far as the SCOTUS and appointing justices, at least where I get lost is we are living in a post constitutional America. If Trump was able to put nine super duper originalists on the court, what good will it do us considering the left ignores the law and the GOPe doesn’t enforce it? (Yes, I’m aware of ArticleV). What I cannot get past is, he is a Democrat, he is of the left. My other fear is if I voted for him because, least of two evils, it would come back to bite me in the ass. If he was to get elected and started proposing leftist legislation I could see being part of the Trumped Enough Already party. Given how obvious he is in dealing with criticism you can damn well bet he would use the IRS against us the same way Obama did. Trumps followers, this Nationalist/Populist crap, sure does have a visceral hatred for conservatives. I don’t think most conservatives have caught on to this yet. I don’t feel compelled to vote for him and have this shit unleashed on myself and the conservative movement. That’s why I do not want to vote for him. Sorry my english composition sucks, hopefully you understand what I’m saying.

  5. The fear that Trump would use the IRS/government as a weapon against his enemies is completely unfounded, I think.

    A white Republican president could never get away with it. There would be no Lois Lerners to do his bidding; there would be resignations, leaks, breathless reports in the papers, and Congressional investigations that would have plenty of help from within the bureaucracy.

  6. I don’t comprehend the subset of Never Trumpers who say we can handle four years of Hillary. It’s like after eight years of Obummer they’ve suddenly developed Stockholm Syndrome.

    Trump won’t be much good as President. Hillary will be horrible. So I will do what I have done for most of my adult life…hold my nose and vote for the one who will screw us over the least.

  7. You’re thinking that his enemies would be those on the left; that’s your mistake. Trump would be using it against those of us on the right thus eliminating the need for those breathless reports you spoke of.

  8. If we vote the down ticket and the GOP holds Congress, then 4 years of Hillary wouldn’t be that bad. If Trump wins and the GOP holds Congress then the Trumpanzees would actually expect them to follow his lead and bow down to His Royal Hairness.

    Gridlock is our only hope!

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