Shameless self Promotion post

I promise I won’t do this again, mostly because CBD is probably going to take away my posting privileges after this.

But for Father’s Day I entered a “Dad-Kid [daughter in my case] lookalike contest.” As is most of these types of things it’s all about social media ground game. Kinda like every election before Trump.

If you’d vote for me I’d really appreciate it. You can vote once per day until June 5th. We’re seriously in striking distance here. Like 10 more people per day and I probably have it wrapped up, unless someone has a sudden surge of last minute votes. I’m told the registration system is a bitch. Sorry about that.

Speaking of my daughter. The Horde Mamma bear formerly known as Polliwogette has started a new business/charity venture thing. She’s knitted several cool things for me, including a cover for my CPAP and these crazy cute headbands for my daughter to wear to the Cardinals game this weekend. If you know people who like knitted stuff, check out what she’s doing.

Lastly, I’m taking my crazy show on the road for a bit. This time to Washington, DC, where I’ll be running a panel I put together on animal research ethics (and probably animal ethics in general.) It’s part of the “American Society for Bioethics and Humanities” annual meeting. Setting the talk aside for a moment (since it’ll be boring and overly academic and they want attendees to pay for the meeting, although no one actually checks) if people are interested in getting together in the DC/Capitol Hill area (I don’t venture far from the hotel typically since I have no transportation or bearings in DC) let me know. If you can’t figure out how to reach me…seriously? I mean, I own the tsrblke handle on every major platform. (But to be fair, I don’t check my yahoo mail anymore or log into my IM clients.)


3 comments to “Shameless self Promotion post”
  1. Aww, thanks for the kind words and plug. I love matching people up with great needlework and the chance to bring liberty to others.

  2. I know! Which is why I don’t get why people keep saying we look alike (unprovoked, in public even…)

    She does have my eye color though.

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