Maybe @repjohnlewis’s Proposals Don’t Go Far Enough!

John Lewis is a stopped clock who’s right every now and then.

And he’s right that we’ve lost too many people to gun violence. But his solution (tying background checks to the terrorist watch list) is weak sauce. At best it might have stopped the Orlando shooter from legally obtaining a gun. But several variations of the proposal wouldn’t have stopped even that low bar. And what of the amount of violence committed by your everyday drug dealing criminals? It would have 0 effect on that.

I’ve said before that I was once all in on the rights violating war on drugs. I recognized my mistake, but since apparently we’re throwing rights out the window now, let’s go over some proposals that would help solve the gun violence problem in the US:

  1. Warrantless searches of homes in high crime areas. Take North St. Louis City for example. Incredibly high crime, it represented a substantial chunk of the 180+ murders in the city last year. Obviously if we empowered police to conduct searches of the residences they believed housed illegal activities we could stop many of these murders. Police could keep a list of homes that they have reason to believe should be searched at random.
  2. Speaking of lists, how about a list of cars thought to be associated with crime. Using modern license plate reading tech, these cars could be identified on the road and their owners stopped, questioned, and searched as needed. This may put a damper on the number of drive-by shootings (or get away cars).
  3. Stop and frisk. It was used in NYC to some effect. It could be expanded. Again, police could keep a list of people who should be stopped and frisked upon any contact. If they’re law abiding citizens they have nothing to fear.
  4. Expanding 24-48 hour detention rules. After all, if 1-3 don’t produce sufficient evidence, yet there’s still concern the suspect may be about to engage in criminal activity, a few nights in holding might prevent that.

This is just 4 possible suggestions to helping curb crime in our inner cities, I’m sure there are many more. So man up John Lewis, let’s suspend some rights and end gun violence!


14 comments to “Maybe @repjohnlewis’s Proposals Don’t Go Far Enough!”
  1. Quit being a wimp. We know who commits a disproportionate amount of the crime. Let’s jettison the 13th amendment, and solve the problem once and for all*.

    *Do I need to say it?

  2. Let’s jettison the 13th amendment, and solve the problem once and for all*.

    *Do I need to say it?
    White Lutheran males with a propensity to play Sheephead?

  3. So….you believe that the abolition of slavery in the United States of America was a mistake?

    Do I need to say it?

  4. I love this idea of just ignoring all the amendments. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    How about we violate the 3rd amendment, and quarter some troops in suspected criminal’s houses? We would save some money on military housing, and it would discourage illegal activity in the neighborhood.

  5. Guys, come on. You’ve seen me for years at AOS. Do you really think that was a call for slavery or was it more likely a Swiftian reductio ad absurdum?

  6. I agree completely that we should not let Muslim terrorists in this country have guns.

    Whoa, wait a minute–John Lewis says we have a LIST of Muslim terrorists loose in the country?


  7. “It could be read in a different way, but it’s copacetic”

    It really isn’t. You made a very serious accusation without bothering to check your assumptions or considering the source; an accusation which allowed you to publicly bathe in self-righteousness. SJWs do that. We shouldn’t.

  8. I’m not the only one who saw it differently.

    “Do I need to say it?” could easily refer to the color of those who “commits a disproportionate amount of the crime.”

    If it’s not copacetic then why bother responding to me?

    As for my self-righteousness bath? I wasn’t aware that support for the 13th Amendment was self-righteous.

    And…this is not AoSHQ.

  9. “If it’s not copacetic then why bother responding to me?”

    Because I don’t like having my name besmirched.

    “As for my self-righteousness bath? I wasn’t aware that support for the 13th Amendment was self-righteous.”

    Support for it isn’t. Grandstanding is.

    “And…this is not AoSHQ.”


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