The British Are Leaving, The British Are Leaving!

CBD graciously gave me permission to stomp his post. Sadly, I’m in a hurry, so you’ll get a drive by:

The media wasted no time into turning the Brexit vote into RAAAACISM. Because they don’t want to admit that the EU is rapidly falling apart, and central government by fiat is a disaster. As such all the good reasons to run away from the EU get shoved into racism. You can’t deny that immigration played a part, but it’s fairly easily argued that it is representative of the greater loss of nation-state autonomy.

And then of course there’s this, which keeps getting repeated in NPR and other places.

A response:

’nuff said.

Edited to add: There’s a lot of surprise and blaming the pollsters. I’m not going to pretend to have predicted with certainty this outcome, but the way people acted as if it was never even a probability shows the disconnect the mandarin class has with everyone else regardless of country.