Civil War, Rumors of Civil War, and Donald Trump


Last night, five police officers were assassinated, and five others and one civilian critically wounded by what can only be described in my view as a coordinated terrorist attack during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas. One perpetrator is dead and another is apparently in custody. The names and other details of the shooters’  identities have yet to be released, which means that they are most likely black, Muslim, Democrat, part of the BLM movement or some combination of all of those.

First and foremost, my condolences go out to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims. We must keep them in our thoughts and prayers. But, at the risk of politicizing this tragedy, we have to recognize it as one that goes way beyond the effects of those immediately related to those that were slain. This was an attack on all of us and one of the worst days out of nearly seven and a half years of miserable to horrible days we as a nation have had to endure under the worst president, bar none, in American history. It comes barely 48 hours after another bleak day when one of our nation’s top law enforcement officials publicly abrogated his sworn oath to uphold the law. I submit that a case could almost be made for causality.

The fabric of our society is being torn to shreds before our eyes. One political party and the movement it represents is hell bent on destroying the nation while the putative opposition party is seemingly only interested in making a buck off the destruction. And then there’s Donald Trump. Like it or not, with America and perhaps the world as we know it on the very precipice, he is in the position to keep it all together and pull us back – or not. And that is a very scary thought. In the wake of what happened yesterday in Dallas, Tuesday in DC and dozens of other days since January 20th of 2009 both here and in a world that is all but in flames, I would like to see Mr. Trump give a speech that goes something like this:


“My fellow Americans, words cannot express the shock, horror and grief we all feel at what took place yesterday in Dallas. Five police officers were cowardly and savagely assassinated, and six others critically wounded while, ironically, trying to guard the very safety of protesters who have blind, irrational hate and contempt for them. They were shot in the back in what I can only describe as a premeditated terrorist attack. We have yet to know the identities and motivations of the perpetrators, but their choice of target at that particular venue is obviously a strong indicator. Considering what has happened with sickening frequency in places like Orlando, San Bernardino and Fort Hood, Islamic inspired terrorism must also be strongly considered. And with the vile rhetoric from hate mongers like Louis Farrakhan, the New Black Panther Party and CAIR who have verifiable ties to Muslim extremist groups here and abroad, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there’s a link between the two.

But if we are to face the truth and be honest with ourselves, the heinous butchery in Dallas last night is a direct result of almost eight years of the willful tearing at what were the healing scars of our past in order to foment unrest and division purely for political gain. And I lay the blame for all of that directly at the feet of President Barack Obama. Almost since the day he took office, aided and abetted by the First Lady, former Attorney General Holder and others both in government, the media and academia, President Obama has time and again, day after day, twisted the history of this country as well as twisted the details about several tragic, high profile events involving police and black youths to portray America as a place that is inherently racist, corrupt and oppressive with blacks and other minorities perpetually put upon and wearing virtual chains of slavery. He never misses an opportunity, especially when traveling abroad, to bash this country and its proud heritage. And when he does that, he’s attacking all of us. Frankly, I find that particularly galling and repugnant. Horrible as it is, it’s not surprising given the fact that his parents were rabidly anti-American and anti-western, that his childhood mentor was a Stalinist agent and that his initial political backer and the guy who wrote his “autobiography” was an admitted domestic terrorist who sought the violent overthrow of the country and committed acts of terrorism to enable it.

But Barack Obama’s culpability in the assassination of Dallas policemen is merely a reflection of the collective guilt of the Democrat Party. This is the party of slavery, the party that brought about the Civil War, the party that thwarted reconstruction and created the KKK, that re-segregated the military and civil service, that championed Jim Crow, that threw Americans of Japanese descent into concentration camps, that time and again voted down Republican civil rights legislation up to and including the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The party that supports Planned Parenthood whose mission statement is the “purification” of America by exterminating black and brown infants in the womb. The party that, when it saw its political fortunes dwindling as minorities embraced the American dream, threw our borders wide open to people whom they saw only as a massive voting bloc to ensure their permanent political dominance. The party that embraces a twisted ideology that refuses to address, let alone identify, the threats from radical Islam we face abroad and through their malfeasance at home but rather blames the country’s policies and history as the cause. And, not coincidentally, the party of Hillary Clinton who sold her influence and revealed state secrets to foreign governments and others as Secretary of State and potentially, G-d forbid, as president for monetary gain.

This is Barack Obama. This is Hillary Clinton. This is the Democrat Party. They are hell bent to destroy this country for their own personal and ideological gains. And sadly, whether you’re black, white, Latino, gay, straight or anything and everything in between, they will destroy all of us in order to do so. It’s time we recognized who and what they are and what they represent and turn to each other instead of allowing them to turn us against each other. And that is what I mean by “Make America Great Again.”

May G-d bless the memories of the victims of yesterday’s attack on America, may He comfort the wounded and the bereaved and may He always cause His countenance to shine down on the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Thank you.

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  1. Well said and heartbreaking true. We are doomed and as annoying as Trump is, there is absolutely no doubt that he truly loves America and all of us living here.

  2. Wasn’t a self-inflicted GSW – police sent in a robot with a bomb and detonated it, killing the suspect. Otherwise, fine work here.

  3. Excellent summation, J.J.

    I will get the word out by linking this.

    A source of solace is that the Left and totalitarian dictators in general overplay their hand.

    Those American citizens getting this are arming up.

    Nemesis is coming.

  4. I’m fully confident that Trump will squander this opportunity to define the Left just like he has done many times in the recent past.

    I don’t think he knows what the “Left” is and neither do the lackeys that surround him. He’s 70YO and has demonstrated that he is not willing (or able) to get educated on the issues. I’d bet he still doesn’t have an answer to “What does a conservative believe in?”.

    But I’m still gonna vote for him because I’m a grown up and realize you don’t get what you want in life and because the Hildebeast would be the end to our country. I don’t want a Hiliary appointed SCOTUS court for the remainder of my life.

    As Prager says…”There are two parties, the destructive party and the stupid party. I’m a member of the stupid party.”

  5. I disagree with you about your characterization of the Dems and the GOP. The former is certainly destructive but the latter is not stupid. That’s an act. They are in cahoots with the Dems.

    As to Mr. Trump, hey, I’m a die-hard Cruz fan but I will vote for Trump for the reasons you state. But Trump is not a dope.

    And as of this writing, Jesse Jackson is blaming Trump. I guarantee you that Trump is going to respond con gusto to that. Hope he uses language and facts similar to what I wrote, but he will respond because that is a personal attack and he never lets those lie. Sad that he only really gets fired up over personal attacks, but in this case the attacker and his slandering of Trump will serve our purpose.

  6. Great piece, JJ. You are probably correct that Trump ‘only’ gets really fired up over personal attacks. And also that this attack by Jackson will serve our purpose. This horror in Dallas was bad for all Americans, even Jackson, whether Jackson has enough sense to know it or not. Because there is a butcher’s bill in the mail.

  7. You cannot forget the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was the militant arm of the Democrat Party. They lynched and murdered black and white Republicans to intimidate them and to maintain the Democrat Party political power in the South.

    They have always been about hate and naked power.

  8. Excellent post, JJ. Will link to my FB page. Wondering if tweeting a link of this to Trump will help. Can’t hurt, so I’ll give it a shot.

  9. J.J. very well stated!

    Thanks for taking the time to write it.

    I notices G-d cannot one write GOD anymore?


    P.S. I am sick of the R.I.N.O.!

  10. Outstanding post! Thank you for using your time to write this. There is plenty of blame to go around. MSM, judicial, education system and the list can go on. I feel like our country is being pulled apart and sabotaged on purpose. How the IRS could target ordinary Americans because of their political views and no one was held accountable. Or the multiple VA scandals which haven’t had anyone held accountable. I won’t give up on the country I love but I think the tipping point has been passed.

  11. Eloquent. Truthful. Sad.
    I feel that source of all of this isn’t of this world, that our descent and destruction is the work of powers and principalities well beyond our control. The good news is, having read the book, we win in the end…

  12. In Judaism, it’s a big no-no to write out the name G-d, so the previous is the convention. Too complicated to explain.

  13. As Lincoln said, we will only die by national suicide. I pray that the long arc of history is in our favor, but the situation is definitely in doubt.


  14. “I would like to see Mr. Trump give a speech that goes something like this”

    So many people investing their hopes in DJT. He will disappoint.

  15. Did you actually read the entire essay? I have not invested my hopes in Trump at all. If I did, I wouldn’t have to write a piece about the speech I HOPE he gives. He’d have given it.

    My only hope is that he beats Hillary Clinton. She guarantees the death of the country (if it isn’t dead already). Trump is merely the equivalent of a complete crap shoot. He’s a crass boor with a specious résumé. But at least he doesn’t hate the country and its founding. And considering who we have now, who he’s up against and a frighteningly large segment of the population who are on board with the leftist insanity, I’ll settle for that.

    G-d help us.

  16. “…And I lay the blame for all of that directly at the feet of President Barack Obama…”
    Laying it as his feet is too merciful…pile it on his head!
    Demonstrate at his golf games, chain yourselves to theWhite House fence; protest his motorcades…then do the same to Holder, Clinton, Comey, Lynch!
    Why should the DRats have the monopoly on disruption and chaos…?

  17. We don’t do that sort of thing. We’re too busy trying to put bread on the table after paying tribute to the tyrants in DC.

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